Top Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Families & Friends

Published at November 24, 2015 by administrator.

A lot of us travel at this time of year – mostly to see relatives, but sometimes for a winter change of scene and pace. Some of us might have plans for skiing or other snow sports. Travel is fun, exciting, but also potentially dangerous. Here are some top travel tips to help keep you and your family safe and avoid needing an injury lawyer in Florida this holiday season!

iStock_000027744673LargeA Family Ski Vacation:

Winter sports obviously come with a risk of injury, and the corresponding need for an injury lawyer in Florida. Here are some tips:

1. Ski within your limits. Stick to slopes you are comfortable with.
2. Check your equipment to make sure it’s still alright – at least a month before you actually fly out. If renting equipment, make sure it fits properly.
3. Get your level of fitness up before you go – do pre ski workouts and make sure you’re healthy enough to ski. If you only ski once or twice a year you are at higher risk of a soft tissue injury, especially to your knees. You also elevate your risk of a back injury. Make sure you are fit enough for your winter sports.

A Sunny Beach Holiday:

One of the wonderful things about Florida is year round good beach weather, but watch out for the following:

1. Stay within your limits when swimming. Do not allow young children to go into the water without an adult. Even adults should not swim alone. People who can’t swim should wear life jackets.
2. Take beach flags seriously. If in doubt, ask a lifeguard. If there is no lifeguard – go to a beach that has one.
3. Do not swim close to piers, docks, or other structures. These can create dangerous currents.

A Winter Camping Trip:

Camping can be fun even in winter, but consider these precautions:

1. Do not go into back country without filing some kind of plan with the rangers. Many parks require this. Tell them where you are going, on which trails, and for how long.
2. Pack food in waterproof containers within an insulated cooler. Keep raw food separate from cooked food. Do not feed wildlife deliberately and take steps to keep from feeding them accidentally. (It might seem cute if a squirrel steals your lunch – but what if it’s a bear?)
3. Do not use fuel burning equipment inside a tent or camper – no matter how cold it is. Instead, be sure to bring a sleeping bag rated for the conditions you expect. (Long underwear also makes a huge difference).

An Overseas Euro Adventure:

Traveling overseas can seem particularly risky right now, especially after recent events. Consider the following:

1. Research your destination. If you are going to the tropics you may need extra vaccinations, so make sure to check this out a few months before (some vaccinations take a month or two to take effect) and talk to your doctor. Also check local customs and crime rates/types.
2. Photocopy the relevant pages of your passport and keep one copy with you, separate from the passport, and leave one with a relative at home. Remember some countries require foreigners to carry their passport at all times. Your passport should be on your person or in a safe.
3. Make sure that your health insurance actually covers you when you are overseas. If they don’t, then purchase trip insurance – it’s worth it.

Above all, you should enjoy your trip – but also stay alert and keep yourself safe. There’s no need to stress, but following simple precautions can help prevent injury and the need for an injury lawyer in Florida.

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