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Neighbor’s dog bit off your foot? Slipped on the wet floor of your local coffee shop? Teenager ran a red light and crashed into you? Ex-husband won’t pay child support? The Stafford Firm will fight on your behalf to make sure those responsible for your pain and suffering are held accountable.


The Stafford Firm is a boutique law practice specializing in family law, personal injury and personal injury protection. Serving Palm Beach County, the Stafford Firm provides clients with professional, high-quality representation on a variety of cases including slip and fall cases, wrongful death cases, car accident cases, divorce cases, alimony and child support cases, and child custody cases.


For more than three decades, the Stafford Firm has successfully represented clients who have been injured in accidents, whether they were struck by a car while crossing the street or tripped and fell because of a crack in the sidewalk outside a local establishment. The firm specializes in wrongful death suits, as well. The Stafford legal team will fight for justice on behalf of family members who have lost a loved one because of murder, employer negligence, or corporate misconduct. Stafford attorneys also have many years of experience helping children who have been abused, abandoned, and/or neglected by their caretakers. The firm handles juvenile dependency, termination of parental rights, and adoptions.


In addition, Stafford attorneys guide clients who seek to change their names or need to confirm the paternity of their child or children. The firm is dedicated to helping children through the courts system, as well. The Stafford Firm is constantly called upon to serve as Guardian Ad Litem or Attorney Ad Litem to represent the best interest of a child as well as be a voice for the child before the court. The Stafford Firm also represents children charged with a criminal offense. Our attorneys make sure a child has the most effective legal presentation when the child goes before a juvenile court judge to determine the proper appropriate punishment.


The Stafford Firm has a strong 30-year track record representing plaintiffs and their families in Palm Beach County. The firm’s lawyers, led by principle shareholder Shane Stafford, work diligently on behalf of their clients to make sure they are protected and don’t have to worry about who will pay for their pain and suffering.


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