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Slip and/or Trip and Fall

You Do Have Legal Recourse

Everyday more and more victims of slip and fall injuries bear the pain of someone else’s negligence.


Whether it’s the cleaning product on the floor of your local convenience store, an oil slick at the gas station, or a puddle of unmopped water at a coffee shop, there are treacherous obstacles all around us.


In fact, daily life is practically a gauntlet of possible mishaps that can injure you to the point of missing work, paying expensive doctor bills, and missing quality time with your family.


Luckily, you do have legal recourse, and the premier slip and fall attorney in Lake Worth is Shane Stafford.


Stafford’s office is a veritable justice league of legal eagles ready to bring you justice.

So, if you are the victim of a slip and fall, there’s only one person you should call. And that’s Shane Stafford.


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