Ditch Your Texting and Driving Habit Today!

Pay attention while driving it might save your life! Texting and driving at the same time is a crime that often goes unpunished. The passiveness of the driving and texting laws across the country is certainly an issue, as there have been thousands of accidental deaths due to people paying more attention to their phones than the road.…


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The Difference Between Hiring a Lawyer Referral Service and an Actual Lawyer

The time has come; you have a complex legal problem, so you need professional legal help and you need it now. What is the easiest, the most reliable, and the best way to get it? Should you call a lawyer referral service or contact a lawyer yourself? A lawyer referral service is in the business…


Why NYC is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Paradise

New York City is a heavily populated metropolitan area with crowded streets and sidewalks. The city is alive with energy. It is also a city with many physical obstacles, especially in cold winter months when it is blanketed with ice, snow and slush. While this is a nightmare for pedestrians maneuvering the streets and sidewalks,…

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What’s the Deal With Red Light Cameras? Are Those Tickets Legal?

How to Fight a Red Light Camera Have you ever received a ticket in the mail through photo enforcement for running a red light? Did you know there are ways to fight these tickets? The next time you receive one of these tickets, be sure to check “not guilty”, and supply one of the following…