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Many adults decide to change their names later in life for a range of reasons. In order to do so, the Court requires that legal documentation be filled out. Sometimes this paperwork can be confusing and you may need assistance to help fill it out properly.

This is where The Stafford Firm comes in. With decades of experience in family law under our belt, hiring a name change lawyer from our team will make the process a breeze.

Name Change Requirements in Florida

How to Change Your Name in Florida

  1. Undergo a background check
  2. Fill out and sign a petition: Florida Petition 12-982(a) in presence of a notary
  3. File the petition by taking it to your local courthouse
  4. Attend a hearing with a judge, where they fill out final judgment form
  5. If approved, replace your official documents to reflect the name change

A name change lawyer will guide you through this oftentimes complicated process and ensure that you successfully earn the title you want. Give The Stafford Firm a call at (561) 540-4533 or (866) 339-4693.


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