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Are you going through a divorce? Perhaps you’re considering filing for one. Regardless of your situation, things can get more complicated if children are involved. Who will have custody of your children once the divorce is final? How much child support will one spouse have to pay?

If you have questions about child support and custody, we can help. The Stafford Firm works in family law matters with decades of experience representing people like you in the eyes of the law.

How Is Child Support Amount Calculated?

In Florida, child support is calculated in proportion to your incomes. The court can deviate plus or minus about 5 percent under special circumstances, including:

What Is Child Support Modification?

Sometimes after your divorce is finalized, one of the parties to the divorce has a change of circumstance in life (i.e., job loss or illness). In this instance, it may be necessary for a person to amend the current amount of their alimony or child support payments which was previously determined by the court.

If you find yourself in this situation, we have an attorney at The Stafford Firm who can represent you in order to oversee the modification, which will need to be presented to the Court for approval.

How Does Florida Determine Child Custody?

Child custody, or primary residence and parental responsibility, can be shared by the two parties. If shared decision making is harmful to the child, one parent may be the sole decider.

There are several factors the court considers when deciding on custody, all of which center on what is best for the child:

If you have more questions about child support and custody, do not hesitate to contact your neighborhood lawyers at The Stafford Firm. We are happy to speak with you in the office for a free consultation. Our main office phone number is (561) 540-4533 or toll-free at (866) 339-4693. Any information discussed regarding your case will be kept completely confidential.


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