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Top Five Ways You Will Sabotage Your Own Personal Injury Case

Published at July 29, 2014 by administrator.

Personal injury claims are complicated in and of themselves. Therefore, a person needs to avoid doing anything that will impair or impede the claim settlement process. In fact, a person who has suffered a personal injury needs to be mindful of five things that actually can end up sabotaging a personal injury case.

Failure to Call Law Enforcement After a Motor Vehicle Accident

One of the most common ways a person sabotages a personal injury case occurs even before a claim initially is filed. With surprising regularity, a person involved in a car accident fails to call the police in the aftermath. The failure to contact law enforcement from the scene of an accident results in their being a lack of authoritative, independent documentation of the accident scene and how the event likely occurred in the first instance.

Failure to Document Injuries

Another way a person can sabotage a personal injury case is the failure to document injuries. In this day and age, with the ubiquitous availability of cameras on smartphones, there is no excuse for a person not to comprehensively detail injuries.

Talking to Claims Adjusters without Legal Advice

A person can sabotage a personal injury case by speaking to a claims adjuster without first consulting with an experienced lawyer. In most states, an injured person is not legally obligated to make a statement to another person’s insurance company claims adjuster. An individual may be legally required to give a statement to his or her own insurance company’s claims adjuster — but not before seeking legal advice.

Follow Medical Directives

A person pursuing a personal injury claim must follow the directives of his or her doctor. Of course, an injured person’s ultimate physical wellbeing depends upon following the recommendations of a qualified doctor. However, the failure to follow medical advice can be used against a person pursuing a personal injury claim.

Retain and Follow the Advice of a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

A major way a person can sabotage a personal injury case is the failure to retain a competent, experienced personal injury attorney. In addition, even when an attorney is hired, a person can sabotage a personal injury case by failing to maintain appropriate contact with that lawyer or failing to follow that professional’s advice.

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