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History of the Florida Road Ranger Service Patrol

Published at June 2, 2014 by administrator.

florida road ranger

Florida Road Ranger Truck In Action – Photo Courtesy of

Proud Florida Road Rangers

Residents of Florida are quite familiar with the services provided by the Road Rangers. Many have found their assistance to be incredibly helpful in times of need. The Road Rangers are so well-known that many people have forgotten their origin. These proud rangers come from a humble but necessary beginning.

The Road Rangers of Florida are a free service of the Florida Department of Transportation. This service was originally created in the year 2000 as a management system of motor vehicle accidents in construction zones. So many incidents occurred that the the Department of Transportation found it necessary to create an organization of individuals to help clear lanes, keep traffic flowing, and help drivers with simple problems.

The original mission of the Road Rangers was met with success. They assisted the Florida Highway Patrol to reduce the occurrence and duration of incidents. As a by-product, gas emissions from traffic congestion dwindled. Safety on the road was maintained to a much higher degree with assistance from the Road Rangers.

The Florida Highway

Florida Highway Morning Traffic – photo courtesy of

This program has since expanded to respond to all types of vehicle incidents and are no longer limited to construction zones. They are available for private contracting to stretches of highway and continue to be available for construction zone assistance. Because they are funded by the Florida Department of Transportation, contracting the Road Rangers is free.

Most members of the Road Rangers are trained in CPR and first aid. Every car in the Road Rangers organization differs in make and model, but all cars are white and have the “Road Rangers” logo on the side. All cars are stocked with emergency car care equipment including jacks, wood blocks, fluids, cables, and basic repair tools. They also contain fire extinguishers, flares, and an air compressor. These cars are equipped with 5 gallons of sand in the rare case of ice and snow. Traffic cones are a necessity for organizing and directing traffic around disabled vehicles.

The Road Rangers have come a long way since the year 2000. Anyone seeking to contract the Road Rangers for traffic and vehicle assistance can contact the Florida Department of Transportation. They come highly recommended for a safe highway.

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