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10 Most Ridiculous Personal Injury Cases

Published at July 14, 2014 by administrator.

When someone is injured due to the negligence of another, he or she can get compensation to help with medical bills and other living expenses. However, some people go out of their way to get some extra cash by suing individuals, businesses, and even their own cities. Many make humorous headlines and subjects of water cooler discussions.

Here are the ten most ridiculous personal injury cases!

1. The Infamous McCoffee Incident

The most famous of ridiculous personal injury cases happened in 1994 when Stella Lieback, an elderly lady, sued McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee she bought from the restaurant on herself. Lieback originally sued for the amount of $20,000 in damages, but McDonald’s decided to settle it out of court and awarded her $200,000 in damages; however, it was reduced to $160,000. Eventually, Lieback received $2.7 in punitive damages.

2. Not the Perfect Crime After All

A Bristol, Pennsylvania thief by the name of Terrance Dickson became trapped in a house that he was burglarizing one evening. The garage door that he was planning on using to leave the residence was not functioning, so he tried to use another door that was also faulty. Surviving on dog food and Pepsi, Dickson was trapped in the house for eight days. The thief sued the homeowners for mental anguish and awarded $500,000.

3. Bathroom Related Thumb Injury

A New York City claims examiner, Cedrick Makara, sued Newmark Realty and 40 Worth Associates. Markara was using the bathroom without a doorknob and was trying to open the door. At the same time, another patron pushed the door open, and Makara sustained a thumb injury. The injury required surgery and six months of missed work. The jury awarded the claims examiner and his wife $3,750,000.

4. Bubble, Bubble, Prankster Trouble

Detergent dumped into Canal Park’s Fountain of Wind in Duluth, Minnesota by a prankster, grew into a mountain of bubbles. By that time, a passerby, Kathy Kelly, walked by, slipped, fell into the fountain and sustained an injury. The injury became infected and resulted in $43,000 in medical expenses. Kelly sued the city because the soap suds were not cleaned up despite the municipal workers being notified of the hours earlier about the damage. The jury awarded Kelly $125,000.

5. This Little Piggy Went…Bonk? 

A Brandon, Florida Walmart was sued by a customer for a 13 pound ham that was on display. Suzanne Vasquez, suffering headaches and epilepsy, claimed that the alleged pork fell on her head caused the conditions. The jury found in favor of Walmart after a neurologist found no proof of epilepsy and an engineering expert proved that the meat could not have fallen the way Vasquez claimed.

6. Why Did The Chicken Nugget Hurt The Jaw?

A Florida McDonalds and Tyson Foods sued because the unnamed plaintiff claimed that he developed temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome after biting into a chicken nugget. Suing for $200,000, the plaintiff lost the case.

7. The $100,000 Fall

 After falling off of a bicycle borrowed from a friend, a man by the name of Mr. Shapiro sued his friend and Sid’s Bike Shop who had made repairs on the bike. Claiming negligence, Shapiro said that he should have had instructions and warnings about riding the borrowed bike.

8. Why Did the Personal Injury Attorney Sue The Phone Book? 

A personal injury lawyer in Greensburg, Pennsylvania sued the publishers of the Westmoreland County Yellowbook claiming that the badly reproduced photo of him in his ad was scaring away potential clients. He sued for $500,000 in punitive damages.

9. This is The Case of the Vindictive Hoodie

A Philadelphia man sued jacket manufacturer, Jansport Inc, after injuring himself while attempting to adjust the elastic cord on the hood of one of their jackets. The cord slipped from his hands, snapped toward his face and hit him in the left eye. The judge tossed out the case.

10. Listen Up, This is Not How You Pick Up Chicks

In 1991 a man sued Anheuser-Busch for emotional and physical distress after emulating their ads. He ended up with hypothermia after trying to cool beers on an icy mountain. He also tried to pick up women while drunk on Bud Light and found out that the beer ads to not emulate reality.

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