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Safe Thanks: How to Stay Safe and Injury Free This Thanksgiving

Published at November 7, 2014 by administrator.


We all like to think of the holidays as a joyful time to be around friends and family, which it mostly is. However, it also happens to be the time period when accidents are prevalent.

Thanksgiving in particular tends to be a holiday that many hospitals see an increase in admittances, due in part to the massive amount of food being prepared that day. According to State Farm, cooking- and grease-related injury claims on Thanksgiving Day are double the average of related claims on other days of the year.

As a result, Thanksgiving has statistically been one of the more dangerous days of the year, holding the record average for highest number of deaths and car accident injuries. While we here at Stafford wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving, we’d also like to provide you with this list of tips to ensure you stay safe this Thanksgiving as you spend time with your loved ones.

  1. Reduce clutter

    Though you might have a myriad of dishes and utensils involved in your preparation, don’t overload your cooking area with too many pots and pans. If you try to cook all your food at once, it is quite easy to spill grease around hot areas, which can easily cause a fire.

  2. Don’t Multitask

    If you have little children, don’t try to multitask with a baby in your arms. It is a smart idea to set your baby down in a high chair and tell your older children to go find something to do in another room until you are done.

  3. Avoid stoves

    Obviously we’re not telling you to completely abandon your kitchen. Rather, avoid setting your glass dishes or lids around your stove-top burners. The glass dishes have a high propensity to explode once they get too hot. If and when they combust as a result of direct exposure to high heat, they will send glass shards everywhere. Broken glass can cut people that are nearby or, even worse, get inside the food that other people may eat.

  4. Follow proper fire safety protocol

    Do not use water to distinguish grease fires. When a grease fire occurs, your first instinct may be to pour water on the fire. The best way to distinguish grease fires though, is to use an oven mitt or towel to grab a pot lid and slide it on top of the fire.

  5. Avoid frying your turkey

    A turkey fryer has a higher chance of catching fire through a number of distinct safety concerns. If a turkey fryer is your only option, be sure to take heed of the cautions and follow the directions, paying close attention to the safety tips.

While you may have already known about the safety tips above, we want to ensure that you reinforce your knowledge by reminding yourself of the dangers that Thanksgiving Day poses. We also urge you to be mindful of the dangers on the road as well. Even though spending the holidays with loved ones should be a time of uninterrupted happiness, there tends to be an increase in impaired drivers around that time.

Overall, we just ask that you keep a close eye on your surroundings during the holidays, paying close attention to potential dangers in your immediate vicinity.

And above all, we wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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