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10 Questions to Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them

Published at October 29, 2014 by administrator.

You never know when a problem will crop up that needs legal assistance. That is the time you will need the help of a professional lawyer. But how can you identify the right one within the shortest time possible? Well, the answer lies in the information gather from the lawyer during your initial meeting. Here is a set of relevant questions that you can ask.

What is your Specialty?

Every lawyer has undergone general training, but has to specialize in a particular field. Understand whether this specialty is in line with your case.

How long have you handled similar Cases?

You want to know relevant experience held by the lawyer regarding the problem at hand.

What are Possible Outcomes of my Case?

You need to understand the possible scenarios of the case and outcomes to prepare for any eventualities.

What are the Alternative Solutions?

You need to know whether there are other solutions to the case apart from trial. Alternative solutions might include mediation and arbitration.

What is the Approximate Duration of the Case?

The lawyer needs to estimate the length of time the case will take so that you prepare yourself.

What are your Rates and how will you Bill me?

The lawyer needs to give an estimate of how much you will pay and whether this will be hourly, a flat fee or a contingent fee.

Who will handle the Case?

You need to know the exact person that will handle your case. Lawyers usually have a team of experts at their firms and might delegate the case.

How will I know the Progress of the Case?

There are instances when you won’t have to attend the court hearings in person. During this time, the lawyer will represent you. You need to be sure of through which channel you will get to know the proceedings of the case.

What happens with Premature Termination of our Contract?

You might decide to terminate the contract with your lawyer before successful resolution of the case. You need to know what happens especially if you have paid some fee in advance.

Do you have any References from a Previous Client?

To gain trust in a lawyer, you might need to ask for references from a past client to see how the case was handled.

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can judge the possible outcome of your case.

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