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Worst Florida Teenager Car Crashes

Published at May 20, 2014 by administrator.

Although Florida is known for its beautiful weather and perfect beaches, it also is a common location for car collisions. Between running red lights to drunk driving, some of the worst accidents have involved teenagers. Each incident is unique, but there are a few that involved minors and make for the worst car crashes in the state.

Top 3 Worst Florida Teenager Car Crashes

Collision Caused By Speeding

On April 5, 2013, three teenagers were driving in a green Saturn at 2:30 a.m. when the driver, Alejandra Maria Gomez, 17, lost control of the vehicle while speeding. Both Gomez and the front passenger Jenifer Garcia, 18, died upon impact, while Tatiana Davila, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The vehicle reportedly lost control while traveling at high speeds and crashed into the median and a pole, which caused the car to split in half.

car window smashed out

Photo by Kafziel on Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons (creative commons)

Car Accident with a Stolen Vehicle

A 16-year-old male was driving recklessly in a stolen 2013 Lincoln MKZ on Northwest 7th Avenue before crashing into Miami-Dade College’s Liberty City campus, which killed one person and injured three others. The teen was driving in the vehicle with four other individuals before running a red light on Northwest 62nd Street around 1:00 a.m. The vehicle was reportedly stolen on August 18 near Northwest 13th Avenue and Northwest 147th Street. After the collision occurred, the driver was facing charges of reckless driving, leaving the scene of the accident after an injury, and driving without a driver’s license.

The car accident occurred after the male drove through a red light and swerved to miss several cars before hitting a curb and a pillar at MDC’s Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Education Center. The car then caught on fire and trapped each passenger, resulting in the death of one individual.


Joseph Daguerre Jr., Jacob Garibay, and Gerardo Ruiz

R.I.P. to the 3 young men who lost their lives.

Car Crash Kills Three Teenagers

Three teenagers were killed in a car collision on Halloween night just before 11 p.m. when a Ford Mustang was heading east on Immokalee Road with four individuals. The vehicle swerved and hit a concrete culvert before flipping. The friends were heading home after attending a haunted walk in Naples. Three of the male passengers died upon impact, while a fourth individual was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital in critical condition. Two of the victims were not wearing a seatbelt during the collision.

Joseph Daguerre Jr., Jacob Garibay, and Gerardo Ruiz all died during the incident and each were 17-years-old.

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