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Will “Smart Cars” Reduce Car Accidents?

Published at July 16, 2014 by administrator.

Automobile accidents can be devastating, many causing potentially crippling injuries and even death in the more serious collisions. Various studies have been conducted on car accidents and how to reduce the number, but so far collisions continue to occur in high numbers. What many motorists may not realize is that smart cars may have the ability to contribute to the reduction of car accidents in the future.

Vehicles that communicate with one another?

The technological advancements in the automobile industry have already been astounding, as well as very useful to consumers. There is a GPS vehicle tracking system, in-car internet and so much more. Researchers are currently testing out an advancement that would involve smart cars communicating with each other in order to prevent fatal car crashes. These smart vehicles will be equipped with special cameras that can alert a driver of imminent danger that could result in a car accident, including a driver who is speeding and heading nearby, or a driver who has run a red light and is barreling through an intersection.

Brakes with brain?

Another technological advancement of the future is smart brakes, which can prevent as many accidents from occurring. Smart brakes are expected to work by lighting up the dashboard of the driver behind the motorist equipped with this Ford brake technology. This can be very useful in situations where it is difficult for drivers to see others brake lights, such as during storms or while traveling through foggy areas.

These aren’t the only technological advancements that are expected to drastically reduce the amount of deadly car crashes that occur. Researchers are constantly testing and experimenting with various ideas that might prove to be quite helpful in the near future.

While automobile collisions can never be completely eliminated, as the automobile industry continues to create many amazing technological advancements, the amount of fatal crashes will hopefully decrease in the future. Too many innocent people have lost their lives in fatal car crashes in the past, so if smart cars will be equipped with certain technologies to help prevent as many from occurring in the future, then that would be a great thing.

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