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Understanding Florida Roadway Dangers

Published at May 9, 2014 by administrator.

Florida from space

Florida as seen from space – photo courtesy of NASA (public domain)

Florida is one of the most vibrant regions in the United States. The dynamic tourist economy means that it is a mecca for traveling as well as vacationing. A byproduct of the combination of concentrated population and continual state visitors means highways in Florida are often heavily congested with a variety of motorists ranging from motorcycles to semi-tractor trailer rigs. This also means many vehicles on the open road are also in a hurry to reach destinations. The sum of these conditions creates a necessity for all roadway occupants to utilize defensive driving skills at all times on Florida’s highway system.


Sleepy Drivers

Many travelers attempt to reach their destination in a continuous drive. Tourists often drive long hours, and many do not alternate driving responsibilities among other passengers. In addition to tourist transportation, commercial drivers are known for driving up to 12 hours per day, and the concentration potentially sleepy drivers is extensive in Florida’s diverse economy. It is important for all automobile operators to understand this is a constant condition on the primary in-state highways. Always remember the other drivers may be drowsy.


Dont drink and drive

Photo via U.S. Navy on Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Florida. Consuming alcohol regularly is common among vacationers, and it is easy for a driver who drinks alcohol on vacation to have some level of alcohol in their system at anytime. Any level of alcohol can be problematic when an impaired driver is involved in aggressive traffic, and this could easily result in an accident. Avoiding accidents in high-speed traffic is the true benchmark of successful driving. Even though the highway patrol is very serious about stopping drunk driving, do not count on all drivers to be caught. And, do not be one of those impaired drivers. The DUI laws in Florida are expensive and strictly enforce, along with complications associated with an out-of-state DUI citation.


Florida Driver Dangers

Photo via Ed Poor on Wikimedia Commons (creative commons)

Careless Drivers

Florida is full of unique sights and unusual attractions, and commuting individuals are often prone to pay more attention to the attractions than the highway. But the leading form of dangerous distractions while driving is likely the cell phone, and other portable media devices. When added to a constant stream of aggressive drivers, the combination can become deadly. It is also important to be cognizant of erratic driving behavior among other motorists. One of the best methods of practicing defensive driving is maintaining a very safe distance from other vehicles and always observe the speed limit. Although it is easy to get “caught in the flow” of intense traffic, maintaining a reasonable speed is easier if the driver allows ample time to reach their destination and is willing to stop when necessary to avoid dangerous traffic.


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