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Top 10 Worst Texting While Driving Accidents

Published at March 20, 2014 by administrator.

no texting and driving

Texting while driving is more dangerous than going 55 mph with a blindfold on.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that once the driver takes his/her eyes off the road, an accident can occur in 4.6 seconds.

As reported by the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, this practice has caused more than 3,000 tragedies and 330,000 accidental injuries each year. Here are the ten worst texting while driving car accidents.


dont text and drive

10. ‘Seeya Soon’

This is what 22 year old, Alexander Heit, a Colorado college student texted while in heavy traffic in response to a text message he received. The vehicle drifted into the oncoming vehicles and he lost control of the car.


Chance Bothe

9. 21 year old Texas College Student

Chance Bothe ended up in the hospital while texting and driving. He had to spend six months in the hospital to recover from his injuries.


car in lake

8. Crash into a Lake

Texting and driving caused an unidentified Maryland woman to crash into a lake. By the time emergency vehicles came onto the scene; she was already rescued from the vehicle.


deadly consequences

7. Ran Through a Red Light

A teenager in Anchorage, Alaska ran through a red light while texting and driving. This caused him to kill a 27 year old woman and mother of two children. He was indicted for the accident.


headline tragedy

6. Crossed Over the Highway into Approaching Traffic

While texting and driving, the life of Ashley Zumbrunnen was altered in a split second. She became partly paralyzed from an automobile accident. While she was texting, her vehicle crossed over the highway into approaching traffic.


woman's mugshot5. Charged with Murder

While texting and driving, 45 year old Belinda Hudspeth killed a Belmont woman. The vehicle veered off the road and hit a trash can close to where the Belmont woman was walking to her neighbor’s house.


charged with homicide

4.Charged for Homicide

A 35 year old woman in Newark, New Jersey, Jennifer Sahoye was charged for homicide when law enforcement authorities report that she caused the death of a 58 year old pickup driver, Carlos Carvalho.


schoolday tragedy

3. Collided into The Back of a School Bus

On the first day of school, 17 year old, Delanerah Logan collided into the back of a school bus while texting and driving. He succumbed to his injuries later on. Now, his parents are warning teenagers not to text and drive.


fatal car accident

2. Two and Half Years in Prison After Fatal Accident

18 year old, Aaron Deveau from Haverhill, Massachusetts was charged for a fatal car accident in which he was the culprit because of texting while driving. His sentence included 2 and one half years in prison and a one year suspended sentence.


young woman kills older woman1. Charged with Second- Degree Voluntary Manslaughter

In Kansas City, a 16 year old student caused a tragic traffic accident that killed a woman; 72 years old. This was the first texting and driving accident in the area. Rachel Gannon was charged with second- degree voluntary manslaughter. She will be treated as an adult in the case.

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