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Top 10 Most Common Locations For Slip and Fall Accidents

Published at July 3, 2017 by administrator.

The term “Slip and Fall” refers to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. The scary thing about Slip and Fall accidents is that they can occur at any time at any place and the damages can include anything from muscle damage to fractured bones.

Causes of such accidents range from wet floors, cracked sidewalks to poor lighting or faulty handrails.

In order for compensation to be collected, the “plaintiff must have sustained some kind of injury, however minor, in order to collect” says FindLaw.

To help prevent any injuries, here are the top 10 most common locations where Slip and Fall accidents occur where you should practice extra caution.

Grocery Stores

Accidents in Big Box or grocery store retail chains occur frequently due to food spillage or improper clean-ups but responsibility in these situations is challenging to prove.

Attorneys should be utilized in the event that a slip and fall accident occurs in this location to assure the best possible results.

slip and fall grocery store

Sidewalks & Driveways

Ensuring a safe environment for pedestrians to walk is mandatory which is why maintaining a smooth, walkable area free of cracks or potholes is crucial.

Blame can be issued to either the private homeowner who is responsible for their sidewalk or to the government who is “responsible for injuries resulting from neglect.”

slip and fall accident on sidewalk

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs

Similar to grocery stores; Restaurants, bars, and clubs are all prone to slip and fall accidents due to the constant serving and spilling of food and liquid that creates a hazardous environment for the patrons.

wet floor sign restaurant

Residential Homes

When accidents occur in the privacy of your home or someone else’s, things can get awkward as it can lead to legal action being taken against a friend or landlord.

Due to the location of the accident, the compensation for injuries would stem from insurance agencies.

Prior to resorting to legal action, however, prepare to deal with the complications of dealing with insurers.

residential home


Slip and Fall accidents can easily happen as a result of a faulty or lack of handrail to assist individuals walking up and down stairs. In order to have a legitimate case, you need to document all the factoring circumstances.

slip and fall accident down stairs

Pools, Gyms, Parks

Accidents that take place in a public area such as pools, gyms, or parks can be the fault of the government failing to provide a safe environment and such cases should only be handled by an experienced attorney.

pool slip and fall sign


Hotels pose many threats that can lead to a slip and fall accident such as wet floors or loose carpeting and an attorney needs to be contacted immediately.

hotel slip and fall sign


If an individual finds themselves a victim of slip of fall injuries at their work, typically workers compensation will be issued.

There are, however, scenarios in which an attorney is required to take the necessary legal action against their employer.

work falling


Businesses both big and small alike are susceptible to injuring shoppers and employees from recently cleaned floors without proper warning signs or spilled food/beverages that simply add to the chances of slip and fall accidents.

retail store

Parking Garages

Cracked pavement, improper lighting, misplaced wheel stops are all factors that can create hazards and lead to slip and fall accidents in parking garages.

parking garage



Properly handling a Slip and Fall case requires mass amounts of experience and shouldn’t be handled hastily. The team at Shane Stafford has been successfully dealing with Slip and Fall accidents for years. Make sure to immediately contact them if you find yourself a victim of such an incident.

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