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Personal Injury Claims in Florida

Published at June 9, 2014 by administrator.

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Winning a personal injury in Florida usually requires that a few conditions be met. The person being sued must have had a legal responsibility to keep you safe and failed at that duty. Consequently, you must have suffered an injury related to that failure.

Automobile Accidents

In terms of specific personal injury claims, Florida ranks uncharacteristically low on the number of personal injury cases related to automobile accidents. This is because Florida is a no-fault state, which means that in Florida any person involved in an accident needs to go through his or her own insurer. In other words, regardless of who caused the accident, either party has to pay for his or her damages.

Medical Malpractice

If a loved one dies because of the negligence or maliciousness of a doctor, there may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. The at-fault party may be required to compensate the survivors for any lost wages that were previously provided by the deceased loved one. Funeral expenses, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering on the survivor’s behalf might all be compensated for in court.

Workplace Mishap

A workplace mishap or product defect could be grounds for bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent party.

Birth Defect

Birth defects afflict approximately one out of every 30 babies in the United States. If you believe conditions like cerebral palsy or autism were caused by the negligence of a doctor or other party, there may be grounds for a personal injury case and compensation.

Bicycle Injury

If a driver fails to yield the right of way, or if a driver fails to stop for a red light, and that negligence results in the death of a cyclists, the surviving family members might be eligible for legal compensation. Florida allows for personal injury claims related to negligent or inattentive drivers.

Dog Bites

In Florida there’s the statutory strict liability. This puts the owner responsible for any injuries his or her dog inflicts on another party. Dog bites are a common basis for personal injury claims in the state of Florida.

Child Injury

Injuries incurred while your child is at school or daycare may be grounds for a personal injury claim.

Malpractice by an Attorney

In cases in which there’s a dispute over fees or negligence in the professional relationship between a client and lawyer, legal redress could help those suing for personal injury.

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