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Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case

Published at January 5, 2015 by administrator.


1. You are not a lawyer

You need to make sure that you have someone with legal experience on your side. People who represent themselves in court only win in the movies.

2. You need evidence

You may not be able to get all the evidence you need to back up your case. Your lawyer will be able to investigate fully, and they can ask you for the right kinds of information to make your case stick.

3. You have no training

If you are trying to settle, you need training to sit at the negotiating table. A lawyer can do this much better than you can.

4. There is not time to do it

You will not be able to recover, go to work and manage this case all at once. There simply is not enough time.

5. You need help from a lawyer

You cannot interview all the witnesses yourself, and you may be met with a team of lawyers representing the responsible party. You will not know how to deal with them.

6. The paperwork is overwhelming

Many lawyers will file briefs trying to dismiss your case, and you will not know how to respond. You need to make sure you have someone who can handle all that paperwork for you.

7. Judges do not like it

A judge may have to let you represent yourself in a case, but they may not like it. The opinion of the judge will cause your case to go down in smoke if they are not happy about the way you are litigating the case. You need to work with someone who can handle all the court proceedings for you.

8. You will lose money

You will lose money in a settlement, and you may lose money filing court documents because you do not know how to do it efficiently.

9. You will lose the case

Your case is going to be lost simply because you do not have legal training. You have such a small chance of winning that you will likely never get a settlement, either.

10. It is draining

Being a lawyer is hard work, and you need to have someone on the case who knows what it means to do this kind of work. You could be ruined by the end of the process.

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