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Top 10 Florida Driving Dangers

Published at April 1, 2014 by administrator.


Between the flat, sleep-inducing highways, and the insane drivers, the roads in Florida can be treacherous.

And combined with the many other driving dangers that exist, you should be aware of everything that’s on the road at all times. Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe while traveling by following these tips and wise approaches:

Here are the top 10 dangers to look out for when driving in Florida.


10. Too Old To Drive

Florida has many elderly citizens who shouldn’t be allowed to drive. You will find most of them on the road driving at 25 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone; sometimes switching lanes with no indicator and no warning.



9. Driver Fatigue

Drivers traveling from South Florida to other states such as Georgia while taking the Florida Turnpike or I-95 highway may experience drowsiness on the 10 to 11 hour trip. Instead of stopping to rest, drivers will try to make the trip in one straight drive.



8. Distracting Children

Children can be quite a distraction for Florida drivers traveling by car. That’s not a good thing since such distraction is sometimes the cause of accidents on the road. In this case, the saying holds true, “Kids should be seen and not heard.”



7. Texting and Driving

This activity has become the norm for most drivers including Florida drivers. This is the most annoying thing for other drivers who don’t indulge in this dangerous pastime. Action is being taken by government officials to stop this practice.



6. Crazy People

Florida drivers have been labeled ‘dangerous drivers,’ in the United States because of their bad driving record. Even though careless driving is unacceptable and dangerous, drivers don’t obey the rules of the road.



5. Foggy Roads

Driving in a fog is one of the most challenging things for Florida drivers. This is not something that you can avoid when it comes, but be careful.



4. Reckless Teenage Drivers

In Florida, the minimum driving age is 15, but who would put an immature teenager behind the wheel of a car? This is not a smart government decision because most teenagers don’t take the necessary safety precautions.



3. Pedestrian Safety

Yielding to pedestrian crosswalks: Florida drivers are always in a hurry and have failed to follow the ‘yield’ sign for pedestrians to cross and lawmakers are taking measures.



2. Severe Weather

Florida is known for its heavy torrential rains and drivers don’t know how to drive during these times. If you get caught in one of these downpours, try to get where you are going safely.



1. Uninsured Drivers

There are so many uninsured drivers in Florida that it is not safe for other drivers who are fully insured. Make sure you have collision insurance if you have a vehicle on the Florida roadway.


Yes, Florida is a beautiful state, but accidents do happen. If you should unfortunately be involved in a South Florida car accident, call the Stafford Firm, your West Palm Beach car accident lawyer.


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