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Pros and Cons of Owning a Motorcycle in Florida

Published at January 12, 2015 by administrator.

Owning and riding a motorcycle is an American pastime, a rite of passage. Saddling up on your bike, with just the wind and road surrounding you, the feeling of freedom is breathtaking and exciting.

For people living in Florida, especially down south where the weather is perfect most of the year, owning a motorcycle can be a life changing purchase.

Of course, there are pros and cons associated with biking in the sunny southern state such as:

Pros of Owning a Motorcycle in Florida

1. No Helmet Required

That’s right. If you’re 21 or older, you don’t have to wear a helmet in Florida, meaning you can let your hair down and your face breathe as you cruise.

2. Great Culture

There are over 630,000 registered motorcycles in the state of Florida. This means that there is a welcoming bike culture built into virtually every city.

3. The Weather

Obviously, Florida’s gorgeous year-round weather provides the ultimate environment for enjoying the outdoors, especially on your bike.

4. The Views

In many parts of Florida, you’re greeted with tall palms, blue water, and bustling metropolitan skylines that make riding around a treat for the eye.

5. The Cost

Cars and gas can get really expensive in FL. To cut down on transportation costs without taking the bus, use a motorcycle.

Cons of Owning a Motorcycle in Florida:

1. No Helmet Required

This is also a con. Since going into effect, motorcycle fatalities in Florida have risen 21%.

2. There’s a Maximum Sound Level

Harley lovers might weep. Due to complaints, there is now a limit on how loud your beast can be.

3. Traffic

Cities such as Miami experience grid-lock traffic during rush hour. Due to the fact that lane-splitting is illegal in Florida, a motorcyclist has to endure the same pain and suffering of traffic that car driver experiences daily. 

4. No Temporary Permits

When biking in Florida, grabbing a permit used to be easy. Now, a new law has put a stop to that, requiring more paperwork.

5. Insurance

Insurance for motorcycles in the state of Florida is some of the most expensive in the country.

Riding a motorcycle in Florida can be a total blast. The weather, views, and nightlife are second to none. But with all the benefits also come a few downsides. Use the quick list above to help you decide whether a motorcycle in Florida is right for you.

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