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10 Worst Florida Dog Bite Lawsuits Of All Time

Published at April 28, 2014 by administrator.

Everybody knows that dog is man’s best friend. But that doesn't mean all dogs are nice to everyone they meet. In fact, depending on a dog's upbringing, environment, and perception of a human or animal as a potential threat, they may be inclined to attack either to defend themself or someone they care about; and abused, neglected, mistreated, rabid, or badly trained dogs may act aggressively seemingly without justification.

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Top 10 Wrongful Death Lawsuits Of All Time

Published at April 24, 2014 by administrator.

Where there is death without justice, freedom cannot reign. In America, wrongful death lawsuits are the primary means for families of victims to combat those who commit evil, intentionally or otherwise. Wrongful Death suits are brought up in civil court, usually by the family of the deceased, who may have been lost due to murder, employer negligence, or corporate misconduct.

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Top 10 Worst Alligator Alley Emergencies In Florida Highway History

Published at April 14, 2014 by administrator.

Alligator Alley has been one of the most dangerous roadways in Florida for generations. The portion of I-75 that runs through Western Broward County in the Everglades area is known for the accidents that happen along it. It is very important to stay aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when you’re driving. That is […]

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Top 10 Florida Driving Dangers

Published at April 1, 2014 by administrator.

Between the flat, sleep-inducing highways, and the insane drivers, the roads in Florida can be treacherous. And combined with the many other driving dangers that exist, you should be aware of everything that’s on the road at all times. Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe while traveling by following these tips and […]

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In Palm Beach County

Published at March 27, 2014 by administrator.

  Life in South Florida isn’t all fun in the sun. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous regions to drive through in the entire United States. Even beautiful Palm Beach County isn’t safe from the burden of crashes, pileups, criminal elements, and pedestrian bodies launched into the heavens from the impact of a speeding truck. […]

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Top 10 Modern Driving Distractions

Published at March 25, 2014 by administrator.

  It is 7 a.m. and the woman in front of you is swerving her car as she attempts to put on makeup, and change lanes at the same time. The idiot behind you is honking his horn, and screaming profanities at other drivers, as if he’s the only one with somewhere to be. But, […]

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Top 10 Worst Texting While Driving Accidents

Published at March 20, 2014 by administrator.

Texting while driving is more dangerous than going 55 mph with a blindfold on. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that once the driver takes his/her eyes off the road, an accident can occur in 4.6 seconds. As reported by the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis, this practice has caused more than 3,000 tragedies […]

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Top 10 Worst Car Defect Lawsuits

Published at March 19, 2014 by administrator.

There's not much worse than spending a ton of money on a vehicle and having it be a defective monster hell-bent on your destruction. Unfortunately, defective vehicles are a very dangerous part of reality

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10 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving

Published at March 3, 2014 by administrator.

Every year, countless Americans cause fender benders, run red lights, and find themselves wrecked out thanks to their favorite foods. Don't let your case of the hungries cause you to crash and burn. These are the ten most dangerous foods to eat while driving.

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Top 10 Signs Your Lawyer Sucks

Published at February 25, 2014 by administrator.

South Florida is the capital of lying scumbag lawyers. This is especially true in the practice of personal injury protection, where a cottage industry of referral services is huge business in this great big land of car accidents we live in. Let’s just say, all personal injury lawyers are not created equal, and there’s a good chance that yours is terrible. It is best to choose a lawyer from the referral of a trusted friend or family member. So here are the top 10 signs your lawyer sucks.

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