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Ten Florida Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

Published at November 10, 2014 by administrator.

Laws are a necessity, we don’t think anybody will argue against that. Without them there would be no order. People would be running around doing whatever they want, many of those things negatively affecting other people’s lives. Humans can’t be trusted with that responsibility on our own, so we created governments to help regulate the […]

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5 Supportive Blogs to Read if You’re Going Through a Divorce

Published at September 12, 2014 by administrator.

Facing a divorce can be isolating and scary. Even if you know people who have been through similar situations, it’s easy to feel like nobody understands. Luckily, the internet helps foster a global community. If you’re looking for advice, inspiration, and humor while you’re going through this tough time, here are 5 great blogs that […]

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7 Hilarious Odd Crimes that Would Only Happen in Florida

Published at September 10, 2014 by administrator.

Let’s face it. Florida is… unique. Here are seven examples of hilarious odd crimes that would only happen in Florida, or we hope, will only happen in Florida: 1. Man Punches Domino’s Pizza Guy for Forgetting His Garlic Knots Vero Beach resident, 48-year-old, 346-pound, Robert Wheeler decided enough was enough one night when a Dominoes […]

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Worst Vehicles of 2014 for Passenger Safety

Published at September 8, 2014 by administrator.

Top 4 2014 Worst Vehicles Regarding Passenger Safety When purchasing a vehicle, one of the most important aspects of doing so is ensuring that the vehicle will provide sufficient safety for passengers, in order to keep you and your family as safe as possible. It’s essential that you are able to identify the worst vehicles […]

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Most Deadly Cyclist Regions in the Country

Published at August 29, 2014 by administrator.

Every year, just under 800 Americans lose their lives in bicycle accidents across the country, with thousands more being injured in collisions with vehicles. These injurious crashes tend to concentrate in certain cities and the areas within, making them a hazardous choice for cyclists and a vital area of awareness for motorists. In this article, […]

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Strangest Vaccine Related Injuries and Deaths

Published at August 25, 2014 by administrator.

Parents are increasingly expressing concerns about the vaccinations that children begin receiving from infancy. Many believe that the ingredients in vaccines cause a variety of dangerous maladies that sometimes have tragic consequences. The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute was founded in 1996 in an effort to provide families with information about vaccines. Parents also share their […]

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Holiday Accidents You Can’t Help But Laugh At

Published at August 20, 2014 by administrator.

The Funniest Top 5 Holiday Accidents Broken noses aren’t funny. Broken noses because of an M&M balloon, on the other hand, are worth at least a guffaw. Here are just a few bizarre holiday accidents to avoid this season if you don’t want to become your own punchline. Wrapping Injuries Have you ever drawn blood […]

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Google Glass Can Enhance Perspective and Empathy in Personal Injury Cases

Published at August 13, 2014 by administrator.

Google Glass can become a breakthrough innovation in the litigation of personal injury cases. A firm or attorney using the wearable technology can allow a jury or judge a first-hand perspective that was previously only left to the imagination. The ability to communicate the narrative of a case and the consequences of an injury can […]

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You Just Committed a Crime: 10 Things You’re Doing That You Didn’t Know Were Illegal

Published at July 1, 2014 by administrator.

You’ve probably read that there are some outrageous laws on the books in many states that residents don’t know they’re breaking. Luckily, police won’t actually arrest you for opening an umbrella on the street or playing dominoes on Sunday. But what about the laws that actually are enforced, that you might not know you’re breaking? […]

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10 Worst Celebrity Motorcycle Crashes

Published at May 7, 2014 by administrator.

Since their original conception in the late 1800's, motorcycles have captivated the world's imagination. And they've only grown in popularity since. But with little protection from the elements, and from crashes, the high speeds and acceleration they are capable of, combined with inattentive car drivers, make them perilously dangerous. Just take a look at all of these celebrity motorcycle crashes!

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