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Five Reasons to Hire a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Published at December 15, 2015 by administrator.


The thought of needing a personal injury attorney is uncomfortable. If you ever do need one it probably means that your ability to work, exercise and spend time with your family is affected. But that is precisely when you need an attorney. You were seriously injured and you need help from an expert that can become your best resource. Your attorney is an expert in litigation and collections so that you don’t have to be. Retaining an attorney allows you to focus on healing and on your family while the he/she fights your case.

Personal injuries run the gamut from car accidents to slipping on some milk in a grocery store to being bit by that scary neighborhood dog down the block. These cases can be long and drawn out because of various issues. There are different reasons why you should consider retaining an attorney when you have a personal injury, here are just a few:

  1. Attorneys can Investigate Your Claim

Winning a personal injury lawsuit takes more than a handful of good arguments and your word. Attorneys know which questions to ask so that all issues regarding your claim are resolved before trial. An attorney can recognize any holes in your story, gaps in memory and other problems that a defense attorney could use to beat you at trial. Moreover, an attorney will have a network of medical, accident reconstruction and other experts to evaluate your claim. Experts are critical to solidifying your claim to damages at trial.

  1. Legal Expertise

Attorneys possess the necessary legal expertise to competently prosecute your claims at trial. You were already injured, do you really believe you have the time to recover and become a legal expert? Delegating responsibility for the minutia of litigation to your attorney enables you to focus on yourself and your family. It is your attorney’s job to contribute their expertise to make your life simpler.

  1. To Protect You

It is very likely that if you file a personal injury claim that the defendant will counter-sue you. It happens all the time and you should expect it to happen to you. Personal injury lawsuits hinge on a matter of moments or seconds. Very rarely are these situations black and white therefore having an attorney in your corner to watch for possible counter-suits is important to protect yourself from legal exposure. Dealing with a single lawsuit is complicated but dealing with two lawsuits simultaneously is nearly impossible for someone not trained in the field.

  1. Collecting Your Damages

Contrary to popular opinion winning your lawsuit does not mean that the defendant shakes your hand and cuts you a check the following morning. Collecting on your judgment can be just as complicated and drawn out as the litigation itself. There are mandatory waiting periods to allow the defendant time to appeal. If the defendant refuses to pay you the money then there are court procedures to initiate collections. However, the court will not act as your collector, you must do it yourself. This means investigating the defendants accounts, properties and other assets to ascertain how you can recover. Retaining an attorney relieves you of the need to monitor the defendant’s actions to enforce your claim against them.

  1. Peace of Mind

You were already injured by the defendant’s actions. Do you really want to lose sleep over whether or not you are winning your lawsuit? Let your attorney worry about the litigation so that you can focus on your recovery!

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