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10 Worst Florida Dog Bite Lawsuits Of All Time

Published at April 28, 2014 by administrator.

photo via Wikimedia Commons

photo via Wikimedia Commons

Everybody knows that dog is man’s best friend. But that doesn’t mean all dogs are nice to everyone they meet.

In fact, depending on a dog’s upbringing, environment, and perception of a human or animal as a potential threat, they may be inclined to attack either to defend themself or someone they care about; and abused, neglected, mistreated, rabid, or badly trained dogs may act aggressively seemingly without justification.

But dog bites are no laughing matter, and in Florida they can generate a lawsuit with the dog’s owner named as defendant. Awards for the plaintiff have even gone into the millions of dollars. Here are the top 10 Florida dog bite lawsuits of all time.

Owners of violent dogs that have been sued by the victims

Polk County Florida Police Badge

10. Sheriff’s Dog Bites Florida Woman

Florida’s Polk County Sheriff’s Office was sued by a Lake Wales woman for $15,000 in 2013 over a dog bite. The woman sued claiming negligence by the department after they failed to lock up a dog before it attacked her in 2013.


photo via Wikimedia Commons

photo via Wikimedia Commons

9. Verizon Technician Attacked By A Client’s Dog

In Sarasota County, 2007, a Verizon technician sued the owner of a German Shepard who attacked the technician during a house visit.


two scary dogs

They’re not Pitbulls, but hey, it’s two dogs, ok. photo via WIkimedia Commons

8. Woman Terrorized By Two Dogs

A Florida woman terrorized by two pit bulls who killed her dog and attacked her filed a lawsuit in 2013 against the pit bulls’ owners in St. John’s County.


growling dog

photo via WIkimedia Commons

7. Mother And Child Attacked In A Home

In 1995, a DeBary mother and child filed a lawsuit against a couple whose dog attacked the child during a visit to their home.


Very ANgry Dog

photo via Wikimedia Commons

6. Man Killed By Dog

The family of a Port Lucie man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of a pit bull who killed the man in a 2009 attack.


guard dog training

photo via WIkimedia Commons

5. Animal Shelter Sued For Dog Attack

A 2014 dog bite incident at an animal shelter in Bunnell has resulted in a lawsuit filed by a Palm Coast woman. The mother and her two children were attacked when the dog broke out of its cage and dragged one of her children out of their minivan.


Gainesville Florida city hall

4. Gainesville Police Dog Attack

Gainesville police were sued in 2010 after one of their K9 units attacked a ten year old boy.


Port Orange police

3. Rescuer Bitten By City’s Police Dog

The city of Port Orange was sued in 2013 when a police dog bit a 53 year old as she searched for a missing child.



2. Politician’s Dog Attacks Man

A Leon County man sued Florida legislator Rep. Matt Gaetz in 2013 for a dog bite and claimed the bite was so severe he had to withdraw from being a student at the University of Michigan. It is alleged that the plaintiff had been drinking heavily all day and was antagonizing the dog at the time of the attack.


guard dog training

photo via WIkimedia Commons

1. 7.7 million Dollar Settlement

In April 2014, a man won a jaw-dropping 7.7 million dollars after winning a lawsuit filed in 2012 for a dog bite. The West Palm Beach resident was attacked by three dogs outside his home.

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