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The Difference Between Hiring a Lawyer Referral Service and an Actual Lawyer

Published at September 17, 2014 by administrator.

The time has come; you have a complex legal problem, so you need professional legal help and you need it now. What is the easiest, the most reliable, and the best way to get it? Should you call a lawyer referral service or contact a lawyer yourself?

A lawyer referral service is in the business of getting potential clients in touch with lawyers who can solve their problems. If the problem really doesn’t require a lawyer, the service may be able to refer you to someone else who can. If you need a lawyer, the service will connect you with one either by providing a phone number and contact information or by calling a lawyer for you. There may be a small charge for this initial consultation, but after that, any business with the lawyer is up to you.

Hiring a lawyer on your own can sometimes be a complicated problem. If you or your family has had no experience with a lawyer, just finding a number in a phone book or on the computer isn’t going to tell you much about how helpful that person can actually be to you and your legal trouble. The best way to hire an actual lawyer is to talk to someone who received legal help for a similar legal problem. Talking to one person, however, isn’t enough. The more people with whom you discuss legal problems, the more chances you’ll have for picking the right person. For instance, you might contact a local woman’s group if your legal problem concerns a harassment problem.

What is the best method of hiring a lawyer?

That has to be your decision, but keep these points in mind:

* Most lawyer referral services are state certified and must carry malpractice
insurance. However, there is usually much variation in the legal quality you can
receive at any service. Make sure you inquire abut the attorney’s qualifications
before you choose any member of a lawyer referral service.

* If you are thinking of hiring a lawyer on someone’s recommendation, first meet
with any prospective lawyer to discuss your case and his/her expertise in this
field. Never hire a lawyer unless you feel comfortable with him or her.

Whatever method you choose, do your homework when looking for a lawyer to solve your legal problems.

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