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The Hoverboard Industry Has Been Warned

Published at February 24, 2016 by administrator.

The Hoverboard Industry Has Been Warned by the CPSC The massive interest at the end of last year surrounding hoverboards as the hot holiday gift for 2015 came fast and furious. The USA Today claimed in a November 23, 2015 article that, “The hoverboard, a motorized, self-balancing, two-wheel scooter, is one of the hottest, and […]

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Ditch Your Texting and Driving Habit Today!

Published at January 8, 2015 by administrator.

Pay attention while driving it might save your life! Texting and driving at the same time is a crime that often goes unpunished. The passiveness of the driving and texting laws across the country is certainly an issue, as there have been thousands of accidental deaths due to people paying more attention to their phones than the road. […]

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Facebook Used to Serve Legal Documents

Published at October 1, 2014 by administrator.

Magistrate used Facebook to serve the court notice! When it comes to serving someone with legal papers, sometimes the traditional methods simply won’t do. In the age of the Internet, social media sites have become a virtual hangout where people spend most of their time. The Courts have recently decided that since social media is […]

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3 Signs You Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Published at September 25, 2014 by administrator.

Thousands of people from all walks of life find themselves involved in car accidents each and every year, oftentimes because of the negligence of someone else. In some case, a car accident proves to be not particularly serious. No one sustains any real injuries and the damages are of an amount that will be covered […]

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The Difference Between Hiring a Lawyer Referral Service and an Actual Lawyer

Published at September 17, 2014 by administrator.

The time has come; you have a complex legal problem, so you need professional legal help and you need it now. What is the easiest, the most reliable, and the best way to get it? Should you call a lawyer referral service or contact a lawyer yourself? A lawyer referral service is in the business […]

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7 Hilarious Odd Crimes that Would Only Happen in Florida

Published at September 10, 2014 by administrator.

Let’s face it. Florida is… unique. Here are seven examples of hilarious odd crimes that would only happen in Florida, or we hope, will only happen in Florida: 1. Man Punches Domino’s Pizza Guy for Forgetting His Garlic Knots Vero Beach resident, 48-year-old, 346-pound, Robert Wheeler decided enough was enough one night when a Dominoes […]

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Worst Vehicles of 2014 for Passenger Safety

Published at September 8, 2014 by administrator.

Top 4 2014 Worst Vehicles Regarding Passenger Safety When purchasing a vehicle, one of the most important aspects of doing so is ensuring that the vehicle will provide sufficient safety for passengers, in order to keep you and your family as safe as possible. It’s essential that you are able to identify the worst vehicles […]

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Why NYC is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Paradise

Published at August 27, 2014 by administrator.

New York City is a heavily populated metropolitan area with crowded streets and sidewalks. The city is alive with energy. It is also a city with many physical obstacles, especially in cold winter months when it is blanketed with ice, snow and slush. While this is a nightmare for pedestrians maneuvering the streets and sidewalks, […]

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What’s the Deal With Red Light Cameras? Are Those Tickets Legal?

Published at August 18, 2014 by administrator.

How to Fight a Red Light Camera Have you ever received a ticket in the mail through photo enforcement for running a red light? Did you know there are ways to fight these tickets? The next time you receive one of these tickets, be sure to check “not guilty”, and supply one of the following […]

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What Are Compensatory Damages Anyway? A Florida Car Accident Almost Killed Me

Published at April 9, 2014 by administrator.

Last year I was nearly killed in a horrible car accident, and that’s how I learned about compensatory damages. My name is Pablo Casagrande. I expected to work hard and save money when I moved ten years ago from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Lake Worth, Florida.

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