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Representing Yourself in the Court of Law

Published at January 13, 2015 by administrator.

  The American judicial system is established in such a way that individuals can access justice even if they lack the rigorous educational and professional requirements to practice law by choosing to represent themselves. However, simply because individuals can represent themselves does not mean that they necessarily should. There is some information available online, but […]

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Motorcycle in Florida

Published at January 12, 2015 by administrator.

Owning and riding a motorcycle is an American pastime, a rite of passage. Saddling up on your bike, with just the wind and road surrounding you, the feeling of freedom is breathtaking and exciting. For people living in Florida, especially down south where the weather is perfect most of the year, owning a motorcycle can […]

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Ditch Your Texting and Driving Habit Today!

Published at January 8, 2015 by administrator.

Pay attention while driving it might save your life! Texting and driving at the same time is a crime that often goes unpunished. The passiveness of the driving and texting laws across the country is certainly an issue, as there have been thousands of accidental deaths due to people paying more attention to their phones than the road. […]

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Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case

Published at January 5, 2015 by administrator.

1. You are not a lawyer You need to make sure that you have someone with legal experience on your side. People who represent themselves in court only win in the movies. 2. You need evidence You may not be able to get all the evidence you need to back up your case. Your lawyer […]

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Top 10: Most Violent and Safest Cities in America

Published at December 29, 2014 by administrator.

Every state has its good and bad cities, the places locals like to visit and the places they avoid the moment the sun ducks below the skyline. Many factors contribute to crime rates being higher or lower in certain areas, with time also playing it’s part; a city that’s crime rate is high today may have […]

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Staying Quiet vs. Reaching Out: What’s Best For Your Suffering Family Member

Published at December 23, 2014 by administrator.

When an accident happens to a member of the family, there’s always the temptation to draw back. Getting involved in someone else’s life when they are obviously suffering is not the easiest thing to do, especially in today’s culture of privacy and independence. It may require some time on your part that you hadn’t planned […]

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Online Learning Drives the Information Home

Published at December 19, 2014 by administrator.

Teen drivers need all the help that they can get when it comes to operating a vehicle safely. The new experience can be quite exciting for drivers. However, they often get caught up in the thrill and can lose sight of the foundational skills necessary to drive safely when the right education is not in […]

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Dismantling the “Ambulance Chaser” Stereotype

Published at December 16, 2014 by administrator.

It’s no secret that lawyers have a bad reputation. Just run a quick Google search on lawyer jokes, and you’ll soon be surfing pages of one-liners with stereotyping, derogatory punchlines. Lawyers are portrayed as greedy, selfish and uncaring. It’s common to hear lawyers referred to as being shark-like, preying on clients who are injured and […]

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They Hit Me First: The Legal Process Behind Determining Who is in the Right

Published at December 12, 2014 by administrator.

Car accidents give rise to the issue of who legally is at fault, which can lead to arguments over who is legally responsible for the damages and injuries sustained as a result of the car accident. There are a number of factors that come into consideration when considering fault liability following a car accident. Duty […]

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Ten Holistic Approaches for Pain Relief After an Accident

Published at December 9, 2014 by administrator.

Dealing with the aftermath of a bad accident can be stressful, to say the least. However, it’s important to do everything you can to speed up the healing process. You should always listen to your doctor when it comes to issues like how much rest you should get and when it’s safe to return to […]

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