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The Hoverboard Industry Has Been Warned

Published at February 24, 2016 by administrator.

The Hoverboard Industry Has Been Warned by the CPSC The massive interest at the end of last year surrounding hoverboards as the hot holiday gift for 2015 came fast and furious. The USA Today claimed in a November 23, 2015 article that, “The hoverboard, a motorized, self-balancing, two-wheel scooter, is one of the hottest, and […]

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Five Most Common Personal Injury Law Cases in Florida

Published at February 8, 2016 by administrator.

One never plans to have an accident. It’s not like you wake up and think “today, I’m going to slip and fall on a wet marble floor.” Unfortunately, an ordinary day can become plagued with the misfortunate event of a personal injury. If you encounter a personal injury in or around Lake Worth you should […]

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The Stafford Firm | Our Community Partners!

Published at January 27, 2016 by administrator.

At The Stafford Firm, P.A., we think that community involvement is extremely important. It’s also important to remind ourselves that the law is instilled to protect and SERVE the people, not just for dispositions and trial cases.  Our assembly of talented family lawyers have been active monetary donors and volunteers to the organizations pictured above. […]

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Representing Yourself in the Court of Law

Published at January 13, 2016 by administrator.

  The American judicial system is established in such a way that individuals can access justice even if they lack the rigorous educational and professional requirements to practice law by choosing to represent themselves. However, simply because individuals can represent themselves does not mean that they necessarily should. There is some information available online, but […]

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5 Myths About Family Lawyers

Published at December 29, 2015 by administrator.

There are often misconceptions associated when it comes to family law. At Shane Stafford we pride ourselves on providing expert family lawyers serving South Florida. This list of common misconceptions may help to clear up any confusion you may have in the area of family law: Filing for Divorce People often think that the party who […]

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Five Reasons to Hire a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Published at December 15, 2015 by administrator.

Personal injuries run the gamut from car accidents to slipping on some milk in a grocery store to being bit by that scary neighborhood dog down the block. These cases can be long and drawn out because of various issues.

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Quick Stats For Texting And Driving

Published at January 26, 2015 by administrator.

One of the most common reasons that drivers are distracted is due to text messages. Over the past few years, new laws have been created to prevent people from texting and driving. There are also commercial campaigns to stop people from texting and driving. Many high schools have students sign a pledge, agreeing not to […]

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Top South Florida Court Cases of 2014

Published at January 22, 2015 by administrator.

People get arrested every day. A lot of those people’s cases subsequently go to court. Occasionally, those cases have an impact outside of just the plaintiff and defendant. Let’s take a look at some of the more jaw-dropping cases that took place in South Florida in 2014. 1. Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi sued Gov Rick […]

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How to Avoid Rush Hour Traffic Accidents

Published at January 19, 2015 by administrator.

Traffic accidents are stressful. Life is busy enough that dealing with a car accident can be both emotionally and financially draining. In cities such as Miami, Florida, rush hour is the most common time for car accidents. Rush hour tends to be during the hours most residents are either leaving for work or coming back […]

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Ten Laws Passed in 2014 You Might Want to Know About

Published at January 15, 2015 by administrator.

Although the U.S Congress has been largely unable to pass significant new legislation in recent years, individual states have been very active in the passage and enacting of laws to serve and protect the public. The following state laws went into effect January 1, 2015 and could signal legal trends that will affect the nation […]

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