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Florida Highway Patrol’s 75 Years of Service

Published at June 4, 2014 by administrator.

The Florida Highway Patrol is celebrating its 75th anniversary of patrolling and protecting the streets of the state of Florida. Today, the FHP consists of approximately 90 percent male and 10 percent female officers with 75 percent white and 25 percent Afro-American, Indian and Asian. In 1939, when FHP was created, there were a total […]

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History of the Florida Road Ranger Service Patrol

Published at June 2, 2014 by administrator.

Residents of Florida are quite familiar with the services provided by the Road Rangers. Many have found their assistance to be incredibly helpful in times of need. The Road Rangers are so well-known that many people have forgotten their origin. These proud rangers come from a humble but necessary beginning.

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Highway 441 in Florida- Pop Culture References and More

Published at May 28, 2014 by administrator.

U.S. Route 441 has a rich history that spans back to the early 20th century. Travelling through four states, this scenic route cuts through several landmarks, including a national park. This article will explore the route description, brief history, and popular culture references of the historic U.S. Route 441. Route Description U.S. Route 441 runs […]

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A Brief History of Military Trail in West Palm Beach

Published at May 22, 2014 by administrator.

Where Exactly is the Military Trail? Florida’s Military Trail, also known as State Road 809, is a six lane highway. It functions as a transportation alternative to Florida’s crowded Interstate 95 (also known as State Road 9) and the Florida Turnpike. The Military Trail extends from Lake Worth Road in Greenacres to Palm Beach Garden’s PGA […]

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Worst Florida Teenager Car Crashes

Published at May 20, 2014 by administrator.

Although Florida is known for its beautiful weather and perfect beaches, it also is a common location for car collisions. Between running red lights to drunk driving, some of the worst accidents have involved teenagers. Each incident is unique, but there are a few that involved minors and make for the worst car crashes in the state.

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Facts About Personal Auto Insurance: What Do I Need to Know to be Protected?

Published at May 16, 2014 by administrator.

There have been a lot of legal changes regarding insurance in recent years. Auto insurance is currently required in all the states. However, are they amounts the law requires you to have sufficient if you’re involved in an accident or are being sued? Learn more about how you need to be protected.

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An Abbreviated History of the Florida Highway System

Published at May 12, 2014 by administrator.

Back in the old days, Florida was a big wet slough-slog of a state full of Buick sized mosquitoes, hungry Florida panthers, creepy gators, and palm trees. Today, it's pretty much the same, but with the added bonus of a massive highway system connecting every orange grove in the state to every big city. Here's the abbreviated history on how it all happened.

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Understanding Florida Roadway Dangers

Published at May 9, 2014 by administrator.

Florida is one of the most vibrant regions in the United States. The dynamic tourist economy means that it is a mecca for traveling as well as vacationing. A byproduct of the combination of concentrated population and continual state visitors means highways in Florida are often heavily congested with...

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10 Worst Celebrity Motorcycle Crashes

Published at May 7, 2014 by administrator.

Since their original conception in the late 1800's, motorcycles have captivated the world's imagination. And they've only grown in popularity since. But with little protection from the elements, and from crashes, the high speeds and acceleration they are capable of, combined with inattentive car drivers, make them perilously dangerous. Just take a look at all of these celebrity motorcycle crashes!

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A Short History of Florida Car Crashes

Published at May 2, 2014 by administrator.

Few states in the U.S. experienced the kind of development boom that rocked Florida beginning in the 1960s. Development radically altered the coastal state’s landscape. A once rural tropical hideaway blossomed into the destination point it is today for everyone from wealthy homeowners to suburban families, waves of tourists, and global businesses. Florida’s interstate system did not expand fast enough to facilitate the explosion of drivers on the roads.

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