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Whiplash Nearly Ruined My Life, I’m Glad I Got A Good Lawyer

Published at April 3, 2014 by administrator.


Whiplash may sound like a minor and manageable injury – until it happens to you

Up until a few months ago, I barely knew what the term meant. I had a vague idea that it caused some discomfort around the neck, but to be honest I really suspected it was something people mostly fabricated for the sake of lawsuits. How wrong I was!

I should begin by introducing myself. My name is Marge, and I’m a 35 year old woman from Lake Worth Florida. Until a recent unfortunate incident that I’m about to describe, my life was fairly uneventful and maybe even a little dull. Then, however, things got interesting, though not in a good way.

rainy windshield

How it happened

It was a night like any other. I was returning home from work, tired as usual from a twelve hour shift at the restaurant where I used to waitress. Note the past tense, as I’m in no condition to do any kind of physical work right now. It was a rainy evening, which is not uncommon in this part of Florida in the fall. I mention this because the roads were a bit slick.

smashed car

I was coming up to an intersection in my Ford Focus. If only I had been driving a huge SUV, my fate would have been quite different, but such was not the case. The light was just turning red and I, law abiding sucker that I am, came to a stop. Unfortunately, the large pickup truck directly behind me had other ideas. He had been planning to blast right through the light, and he certainly wasn’t going to let my puny little economy car alter his plans! To make a long story short, the impatient guy in the truck rear-ended me, knocking both my body and my car completely out of alignment.

young woman in shock

The end result?

My Ford was not totaled, but it required thousands of dollars of body work. Far worse, I ended up with a case of whiplash that I’m only now, several months later, recovering from. For weeks I couldn’t turn my head more than a quarter of an inch in any direction. For the first two days I actually thought I was paralyzed. And I dare not forget the nasty pains in my upper back and shoulders. They’re not even a little bit of fun.

young woman in neck brace

To top it off, I’m still wearing a neck brace to deal with it all

Now work is more painful than ever.

The only bright spot in this story is that I managed to get a settlement out of the incident. I met a very experienced and understanding attorney named Shane Stafford at the Stafford Firm- an excellent West Palm Beach car accident lawyer firm who knew exactly how to proceed with my case. It turns out that the driver of the pickup truck was working when he hit me, which explains but surely does not excuse his impatience. The relevant point here is that the company he worked for was liable for my damages and injuries. So I was thankfully compensated for my medical bills, damage to my car and even time I had to take off from work.

lawyer talking to young lady

Are there any lessons to be learned from my tale? A few, perhaps. For one, don’t drive in the rain. Two: before you stop for a red light, make sure there’s not a yahoo in a supersized truck tailgating you. And finally, if something bad does happen to you, find a good lawyer!

I’m glad I called Shane Stafford at the Stafford Firm, whiplash nearly ruined my life.

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