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How to Avoid Rush Hour Traffic Accidents

Published at January 19, 2015 by administrator.

Traffic accidents are stressful. Life is busy enough that dealing with a car accident can be both emotionally and financially draining.

In cities such as Miami, Florida, rush hour is the most common time for car accidents. Rush hour tends to be during the hours most residents are either leaving for work or coming back home.

So we’re bringing you several tips to avoid rush hour traffic accidents, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from vehicle harm.

Avoiding Traffic Accidents in Miami, FL


Adjust Work Hours

If it is possible, adjust your work hours. If you can leave before 6:00am or after 10:00am, you will likely miss most of the morning rush hour traffic. Similarly, if you can leave work prior to 4:00pm or after 7:00pm, you will have smoother sailing on the road home.

Refrain From Switching Lanes

If you can refrain from switching lanes, you have a better chance of avoiding a fender bender. Some drivers are impatient. Those drivers can become angry when others try to cut in front of them. You never know when an angry driver can develop road rage. Road rage can lead to accidents.

Be Prepared at an Intersection

Be prepared to slow or stop at an intersection. Trying to beat the light can cause accidents. Remember that you will be even later than you already are if you are involved in a collision.

Never Drink Alcohol

Do not drive under the influence of substances. No matter how stressful your day at work was, never drive intoxicated.

Keep a Distance with the Car Ahead

Avoid following too close to the car ahead of you. Tailgating causes accidents. When the driver ahead slows down or stops abruptly, you won’t have time to stop.

Full Eyes on the Road

Keep your full attention on the road. Drivers distracted by cell phones, the radio, eating in their car, or daydreaming can cause accidents.

Maintain Car Properly Working

Be sure your car is in good working order. Bad brakes or a stalled car can lead to accidents during Miami’s rush hour.

Drive Slow During Bad Weather

Be sure to take your time when driving in bad weather. Icy, snowy, or wet roads can be slick. Plan extra driving time during poor traveling conditions.

Watch Out for Signs

Pay attention to road signs. Watch for traffic lights, detours, road signs and other warnings.

Pay Attention to Debris in the Road

Watch for any debris in the road. Sudden swerves in busy traffic can be a disaster.

Driving carefully can save you and your car from being in a rush hour traffic accident. No one wants their car damaged. Set an example for other drivers. Be patient, safe, and courteous, and you should have a safe drive home.

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