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How to Find a Bike Accident Attorney

Published at December 23, 2020 by administrator.

After any type of accident, it’s imperative to seek legal help to understand the proper procedures and protect your interests. A motorbike accident attorney is essential, considering all the mental and physical issues that may arise after the accident.

The Department of transportation reports 71% of people are wearing helmets when they ride nowadays, which is a considerable increase compared to just ten years before. However, there are still thousands of dangerous accidents and deaths each year. The legal process can be daunting, so finding an attorney to help will be incredibly beneficial for any bike accident.

Essential Steps to Take After a Bike Accident

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), vehicle crashes impacted 76% of motorbikes from the front. Even when these crashes aren’t fatal, they can result in lifelong injuries that can be debilitating. You must know the steps to take immediately following an accident so you can get the compensation you deserve.

There are seven critical steps you can take following a bike accident:

  1. See a Doctor
  2. Gather Contact Information
  3. Take Pictures
  4. Make a Police Report
  5. Contact Your Insurance and File a Claim
  6. Document Everything
  7. Hire a Lawyer

Every step of the process after an accident can feel overwhelming. You have the power to help your cause by taking these crucial steps, though. If the incident has already occurred, start documenting from this very moment. Hiring a lawyer can happen as soon as you are ready; they will also help you coordinate the steps that have to happen.

What to Look for in a Lawyer and When to Hire One

The number one thing you should look for in a bike accident attorney is someone ready to work with you as part of your team. 

You want a partner who will give you truthful information while also working on getting you a fair settlement.

Although you may be overwhelmed immediately after a bike accident, you must hire an attorney as soon as possible. You can get started the day after the accident, if you feel well enough, or have a family member assist you in the process.

What attributes to look for in a good lawyer:

  • They create a safe place for you to discuss the emotional and physical events you have gone through.
  • They take notes during the conversation.
  • Have an empathetic response to your situation.
  • They ask reasonable questions.
  • The interview is thorough.
  • They are assertive in gathering the information they need.
  • They understand the laws in your state.
  • They show respect toward you throughout the interview.

Every situation is different, so even if time has gone by, it is still helpful to visit with an attorney and see if you have a case. An attorney that is familiar with your state and the laws around motor vehicle accidents is ideal.

A good lawyer will always offer you a free initial consultation. You should bring the information you have about your case when you visit them. Look for a lawyer who is not making outlandish promises.

How Your Lawyer Can Help

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A lawyer isn’t just there for you during your day in court. A good lawyer will help walk you through the entire process after an accident or injury event. Your bike accident attorney works closely with you from the first day you hire them. 

Some essential things they can help with include:

  • Support you throughout the process.
  • Investigate the case you have.
  • Find evidence in support of your bike accident case.
  • Negotiate a settlement.
  • Prepare for legal pleadings if you don’t settle.
  • Represent you during the trial.

Your bike accident attorney serves you. They specialize in accidents and know how the legal process works, helping put your mind at ease. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is the best option so they can help guide you through the entire process.

Physical injuries are usually evident after a bike accident, but your attorney will help you get the proper evaluations you need. Some injuries may require ongoing support, and some physical and mental health issues may require additional specialists. Your attorney will help make sure you receive compensation for all damages you’ve incurred.

Finding the Best Lawyer for You and Your Family

If you or someone close to you has been in a bike accident, it can be overwhelming to deal with all the details. Even if you aren’t sure if you can get a settlement, you can still contact the Stafford Law Firm. We understand that a motorcycle accident is a scary event, and we are here to support you.

Your lawyer will help take the mental pressure off during the investigation and the months following the accident. Deciding to hire a lawyer with the Stafford Law Firm is as easy as a consultation visit. We will go over the details of your bike accident and get started right away.

Contact the Stafford Firm for a free consultation today! We welcome the chance to meet with you and determine the best path for your legal case.We are open Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can reach us by calling (561) 540-4533 or visiting us at 2290 10th Avenue North, Suite 302, Lake Worth, Florida 33461

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