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Divorce And The Effects On Your Children

Published at March 29, 2017 by administrator.

It’s no secret that divorce is one of the most common causes of suffering for an American family with a divorce rate of a staggering 50% in North America.

Chances are if you or someone you know have experienced a separation, the process probably didn’t go ideally.

There isn’t any joy linked to a marriage ending and the ache that a family undergoes from a divorce can have severe effects on everyone involved, especially the children.

There are endless cases where children who’ve endured their parents splitting go on to live troubled lives due to the negative psychological effects associated with the affair.

divorce and the effects on children

Negative Divorce Effects On Children

Growing up and developing as a human being is a challenge by itself. When you mix that with a traumatizing event such as a divorce, negative effects are sure to follow.

Research shows that some of the most common characteristics affiliated with a child who is a product of divorce are anxiety, aggression, depression, learning problems and low self-esteem.

A child might feel guilty or responsible for their parent’s divorce due to their recent behavior.

They could also feel like a loser or outcast because their parent’s marriage failed.

For the most part, no parent wishes to see their child go through such pain and suffering.

There are, however, several positive qualities that can come from a result of divorce.


Positive Divorce Effects On Children

Children are extremely absorbent and will notice just about everything that occurs in their household.

No matter how hard a couple might try, the unpleasantness of their relationship will surely be displayed if it exists.

Attempting to hide this unpleasantness may have a more negative affect on their children than positive.

It can be much more beneficial for each parent to find their own happiness. Psychologist Dr. Shoshana Bennett testifies that “when children have a happy mom and dad, they’ll do much better.”

It is crucial for a child to be in a loving, nurturing, caring environment. When there’s nothing but resentment towards one another, a divorce might be the best course of action.

Dr. Bennett also goes on to discuss how after the storm settles from the divorce, it will be advantageous for a child to see that no one should settle for a destructive marriage.

Another rewarding factor that can come from a divorce is the fact that a child can experience each parent’s full undivided attention as opposed to one parent taking on majority of the responsibilities while the other neglects their children.

While there are clearly negative effects on children as a result of divorce, there is a silver-lining that can lead to a much brighter future for each member of the family.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that divorce is a walk in the park, it’s far from that.


Making The Transition As Pain Free As Possible

A vital consideration regarding divorce is the awareness of the severe level of sensitivity.

A child processing a divorce is not only an extremely delicate situation but also a life changing event. It is pivotal for everyone to try and make the transition as pain free as possible.

The American Psychological Association says that it is critical for parents to “keep any conflict away from the kids” due to the fact that conflict shown between parents during this stage can possibly aid in the development of psychological and social issues.

While divorce undoubtedly isn’t a joyous occasion, a smooth separation will always be preferred.


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