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Why NYC is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Paradise

Published at August 27, 2014 by administrator.

New York City is a heavily populated metropolitan area with crowded streets and sidewalks. The city is alive with energy. It is also a city with many physical obstacles, especially in cold winter months when it is blanketed with ice, snow and slush. While this is a nightmare for pedestrians maneuvering the streets and sidewalks, it is a haven for personal injury attorneys.

Slipping and sliding

Dangerous conditions such as icy sidewalks means lots of people are going to go slipping, sliding, falling and getting hurt. While some of them may be able to brush themselves off, those with more serious injuries are invariably going to go to a doctor’s office or hospital for treatment, which will result in them incurring medical bills and expenses. The more people that fall and get hurt, the more work there will be for personal injury lawyers, and with New York City’s increasingly expanding population, there will be no shortage of clients.

Suing the one responsible

When people get hurt, they get angry, and they want to go after those responsible for their misfortune. Personal injury attorneys are only too eager to encourage this behavior, promising large monetary rewards through TV and radio ads to just such slighted individuals. Filing a lawsuit becomes an attractive prospect to the individual who gets hurt because it means they could reap financial benefits. They can recover for their medical expenses even if their insurance already paid for it.

Filing a lawsuit is also a dream come true for the personal injury attorney, especially in a clear case of liability, and especially when the responsible party is a business with deep pockets. For example, if a person fell on an icy patch of sidewalk while going to a restaurant, the restaurant may be subject to the lawsuit if it was their responsibility to clear their walkways. The lawsuit can also go after the restaurants’ insurance company. If the person fell on city property, they city may have to pay out big bucks to the injured party and, of course, the lawyer.

Winning cases

Initiating a personal injury claim is a win-win for both attorney and client. The client does not pay any money up front and is charged a fee only if the lawyer is successful. Since the fee is a percentage of the total amount recovered, it’s in the lawyer’s best interest to sue for as much money as possible. In addition, most personal injury cases settle to avoid expensive and time-consuming trials. A large settlement is a promising payday for both the attorney and client.

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