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Tips For Recovering From the Trauma of a Major Accident

Published at August 22, 2014 by administrator.

Being in a major accident of any kind can be a life-altering event. The individual may have physical injuries that require a long period of healing and therapy. Emotional issues from the trauma can also occur that require professional counseling and treatment. Here are a few tips that can help you to understand some of the complex issues involved in recovering from a traumatic accident and allow you to put yourself back on the road to wellness.

Physical Recovery

After a severe accident, your first task is to receive the best medical care for your physical injuries. This action may require consulting with experienced specialists and undergoing complex procedures that will help to restore you to full function. These matters can be difficult if you have pain or are not mentally alert. Relying on family members or close friends to help navigate these important issues can aid in making the right decisions for your needs.

Emotional Recovery

The aftereffects of being in a major accident can be profound. The physical trauma may lead to depression and fears about the future. In some cases, there may be symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome, such as reliving the accident, nightmares, fear of similar circumstances, mood changes and sleeplessness. These issues may require the help of a psychologist experienced in PTSD treatment to assist the patient in his or her emotional recovery.

Lifestyle Recovery

After a major accident, the patient may face a long period of physical therapy and other measures. The individual may not be able to resume former activities such as work, leisure activities or social interactions. The road to full recovery is often long and full of obstacles. Patients often feel they are making “one step forward, two steps back.” Hard work and patience often resolve these difficult periods of recovery. The support and encouragement of family and friends can make a significant impact on the patient’s ability to get back to normal activities.

Financial Recovery

Unfortunately, a major accident can also mean a change in the patient’s financial stability. He or she may be away from work for a time and may have to depend on reduced income from disability payments. Medical expenses may add more of a burden to the family budget. The experience of financial loss can cause significant emotional distress to the patient, undermining progress in recovery. In some cases, the patient may be eligible for compensation of medical expenses and loss of wages. Consultation with an attorney can give the patient valuable information about these issues.

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