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A Car Accident Almost Killed Me, But A Lawyer Saved My Life

Published at March 11, 2014 by administrator.

lake worth car crash

I Almost Died In A Horrible Car Crash

The ‘Miracle On The Ramp’ is how I refer to my car accident on a slick, wet, Palm Beach road one recent night. Aside from surviving what could have been much worse, the miracle is that there were no other vehicles involved on a stretch of road that is usually heavy with traffic.

The Accident That Nearly Killed Me

On my way to work that evening, I was more than on time. I am not one to ever be late for anything, so there was no need to rush or speed. In fact, I have never gotten a speeding ticket because I am a cautious driver — something rare these days, but we do exist! One thing that was different that night was the condition of the road, which had been saturated with non-stop Florida rain for almost 5 days.



It was still raining when I was driving

So naturally, I took extra precautions, driving 30 mph where the posted speed limit was 40 mph. I would later find out that there was also some oil on the very road where I had the accident. It was inevitable that the combination of slick oil on a wet pavement would cause me to lose control, even though I was driving carefully.

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My car’s wheels lost traction as I switched lanes.

My car swayed like a windshield wiper, and my little Honda spun a firece 360 degrees and then slid directly towards the left guard rail.


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All I saw was the heavy looking rail and an airbag rushing at me.

It all happened so fast, but somehow in a split second, I remember thinking, “Oh my God, oh my God! I’m going over the guard rail onto more oncoming traffic and they’re going to have to airlift me to ICU!”



That was my last thought before I smashed into the guard rail.

Amazingly, when my car finally came to a stop, I hadn’t crashed through the rail, and there were no other vehicles in the immediate area of the crash.

It was as if a large hand had come out of the sky and quickly picked up all the cars around me like playing jacks in order to prevent a more serious collision. Not only were others’ lives spared from what could have potentially been disastrous results, but I also walked out with nothing but a small bruise on my left arm.



The airbag hit me like a ton of bricks

But amazingly I had absolutely no sign of injury, not even a scratch.

For some reason, the officer who showed up at the scene felt he had to give me a $168 ticket, something which most people still raise an eyebrow at when I tell them the story. Here is the worst part: He didn’t even ask how I was or if I needed medical attention.

Then fear took control again. I had lost control driving carefully on a wet and oily road at night. I could have ended up in ICU or perhaps even dead. My car was totaled, I lost money because I missed work, and the highway still scares me.



The patrol officer who responded to the accident showed no concern for my well-being.

All he could muster was, ‘here’s your ticket, lady, have a nice day’ Talk about adding insult to injury!

When my father came to pick me, he freaked out and immediately went into daddy beast mode to help his baby girl. He promptly called our Lake Worth personal injury lawyer at The Stafford Firm and, less than a week later, the matter was settled. No court date, no ticket or extra money to be paid and no stress.

Needless to say, thank goodness for our lawyer! Having survived the physical side of this accident, it was an additional relief to survive the legal side as well. There may be some shady lawyers out there, but I was fortunate to have had a great one. Shane Stafford saved my life!

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