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10 Worst Pedestrian Accidents In Palm Beach County History

Published at April 16, 2014 by administrator.

pedestrian accident area

When steel meets flesh and bone, disaster is inevitable.

Just the idea of a pedestrian being hit by a car is horrific. But unfortunately the reality is even worse.

In some cases, government undersight is the cause of deadly intersections. While in other cases, drivers, and even pedestrians themselves are at fault. But no matter how you look at it, these are the ten worst pedestrian accidents in Palm Beach County history.



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10. Double Whammy

Two pedestrians were struck together Jupiter, Florida 2012. In this 2012 accident, one pedestrian was severely injured, the other in mildly injured, when they were hit at an intersection.

Jane Doe

9. Jane Doe

In 1985, an elderly female pedestrian police guessed was around 75 years old was killed by a driver outside of a mobile home park called Garden Walk along Military Trail. Sadly, residents at the mobile home community did not recognize the woman and police had no way to identify her.



run through traffic
8. Suicide By Roadway

A 32 year old man was struck and killed on Military Trail in 1991. Unexplainably, he was running through traffic and avoiding cars until he was hit by a Ford Bronco:

Military Trail crash
7. And DOA Was His Name-O

Also on Military Trail, years later in 2013, a male pedestrian was struck and killed outside of Four Star Bingo. His body was found in the road.

Okechobee Boulevard
6. Deadly Intersection

When an elderly pedestrian was struck and killed near Okeechobee Boulevard at Congress Avenue in 2013, his death was part of a long string of pedestrian related accidents at the intersection. At the time, police had already counted 96 hit and run accidents and 762 traffic accidents which often involved pedestrians.



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5. No Control

A terrorized pedestrian in Boca Raton, 2013, was struck and severely injured by a driver who lost control of his car on Atlantic Avenue Bridge. The out of control car jumped the bridge’s curb and hit the pedestrian.



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4. Asking For It

Also in 2013, 26 year old woman was fatally struck as she either laid down or knelt onto Lake Worth Road before on-coming traffic. She was killed around midnight.


pedestrian killed

3. Way Too Young

A tragic 2001 accident involved a 20 year old woman killed by a young 17 year old woman. The pedestrian was trying to cross Southern Boulevard when she was killed.


pedestrian killed

2. Dark Nights

A rash of 2011 pedestrian accidents in Palm Beach County 33 miles of unlit roads. For several months, thieves who looted copper wires from street lights left the streets and pedestrians in the dark.


Crane Kills Man

1. The Crash Of Nightmares

A horrific collision between a large crane and pedestrian at South County Road and Royal Palm Way tops our list of worst pedestrian accidents in Palm Beach County history. In early March 2014 a crane struck a man and dragged him down the street for one mile until the crane’s driver finally realized the pedestrian’s body was under the vehicle.


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