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Five Personal Injury Claims Debunked by Social Media

Published at August 15, 2014 by administrator.

Most people want an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Unfortunately, some people have no qualms about trying to defraud their employers by falsely claiming injury or illness. These individuals place unfair burdens on their coworkers, rob their employers, and increase costs for everybody. A look at five of these fraudsters who were […]

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Craziest Animal Attack Injuries of All Time

Published at August 8, 2014 by administrator.

Oftentimes we view animals as cute, cuddly creatures. We keep them as pets, train them, ogle at them in zoos and in the wild. For the most part, everything turns out well. But sometimes, animals attack, and the aftermath can be horrifying. A few such incidents in particular are truly terrible, like the ones below. […]

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Weird Injuries You Never Knew Existed

Published at August 5, 2014 by administrator.

Top 5 Weird Injuries Since the dawn of time, people have been getting injured. You’d think we’d have good knowledge of all the injuries you can possibly sustain by now, but in short: we don’t. Below are some weird injuries you’ve probably never heard of, and hopefully never experienced. 1. Hogwarts Headache This one’s for […]

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The 9 Billion Dollar Verdict- What Happened With the Actos Drug Trial?

Published at July 25, 2014 by administrator.

A gigantic 9 billion dollar settlement was handed down recently by a jury in Lafayette, Louisiana against the Japanese based Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and its American partner, Eli Lilly & Company. The historically high judgment was awarded by the jury to cover the claims of over 2,700 individuals who have filed suit against the corporate […]

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Most Common Types of Personal Injury Fraud

Published at July 21, 2014 by administrator.

There are two types of personal injury fraud: hard and soft insurance fraud. Hard insurance fraud is what people often think of when then hear about insurance fraud. It is usually premeditated, and in some cases, the accident or injury is staged. An example of this will be two people using two automobiles to stage […]

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Injured? Tweet it to Obama

Published at July 3, 2014 by administrator.

Twitter users, are you tired of being hassled for your frequent posting of personal pictures onto your social media sites? Well, the president has your back. Finally, Twitter users have a precedent for posting graphic and personal updates about themselves and their bodily injuries that would make members of the Anti-Twitter Brigade clench their fists […]

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Highway 441 in Florida- Pop Culture References and More

Published at May 28, 2014 by administrator.

U.S. Route 441 has a rich history that spans back to the early 20th century. Travelling through four states, this scenic route cuts through several landmarks, including a national park. This article will explore the route description, brief history, and popular culture references of the historic U.S. Route 441. Route Description U.S. Route 441 runs […]

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10 Worst Pedestrian Accidents In Palm Beach County History

Published at April 16, 2014 by administrator.

When steel meets flesh and bone, disaster is inevitable. Just the idea of a pedestrian being hit by a car is horrific. But unfortunately the reality is even worse. In some cases, government undersight is the cause of deadly intersections. While in other cases, drivers, and even pedestrians themselves are at fault. But no matter […]

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A Car Accident Almost Killed Me, But A Lawyer Saved My Life

Published at March 11, 2014 by administrator.

The ‘Miracle On The Ramp’ is how I refer to my car accident on a slick, wet Palm Beach road one recent night. Aside from surviving what could have been much worse, the miracle is that there were no other vehicles involved on a stretch of road that is usually heavy with traffic.

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The 10 Worst Car Crash Injuries: Whiplash, Internal Decapitation, Coma, and More

Published at February 19, 2014 by administrator.

Worst of all, no matter what rate of speed you’re travelling at, a car accident can severely injure you and others. Here are the ten worst types of car crash injuries.

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