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Injured? Tweet it to Obama

Published at July 3, 2014 by administrator.

Twitter users, are you tired of being hassled for your frequent posting of personal pictures onto your social media sites? Well, the president has your back. Finally, Twitter users have a precedent for posting graphic and personal updates about themselves and their bodily injuries that would make members of the Anti-Twitter Brigade clench their fists and grind their teeth. The precedent: Barack Obama said it was okay. Twitter users can’t be ridiculed for posting graphic pictures of themselves anymore; they’re doing their civic duty.

On Wednesday, the president asked Twitter users to tweet him pictures of themselves in casts or crutches for Throwback Thursday. These pictures were meant to encourage viewers to enroll in an insurance plan as part of the Obamacare campaign. President Obama doesn’t just want your overly-personal photos to be tweeted for all the internet to see: he needs your overly personal photos to be tweeted for all the internet to see. No photo is too gruesome, no hashtag too graphic for the man in the oval office.

Well, Mr. President, you asked and the internet has fulfilled your request. The result? The most graphic Throwback Thursday ever. People tweeted Obama’s Twitter account with pictures of themselves not only in casts or crutches, but also bearing bruises, scrapes, and stitches. One user even went so far as to share photos of an x-ray revealing a recently diagnosed tumor. Among the hashtags for these tweets were #TBT and #GetCoveredNow, but #TMI might be more appropriate.

While there are those that take issue with this approach to promoting Obamacare, it is hard to deny the effectiveness of it from a political standpoint. The target age demographic of Twitter is 18-29 years old, so using a social network to endorse the program is a good way of getting the message across to young adults. The question remains: what other modern resources could Obama utilize to endorse Obamacare? Will Sesame Street soon be getting a visit from Obama so he can discuss the benefits of universal health care with Elmo or Oscar the Grouch? Will the next episode of Dora the Explorer feature Swiper trying to prevent Dora and her friends from enrolling in an insurance plan? Only time will tell.

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