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Shopping Can Be Dangerous – Craziest Black Friday Accidents

Published at October 7, 2014 by administrator.

Black Friday has long been touted in the media as one of the most dangerous shopping days of the year. When you look at some of the horror stories, however, you’ll realize that they aren’t exaggerating the hazards at all.

1. Pregnant Woman Loses Wig

A pregnant woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan learned the hard way that Black Friday isn’t a time of peace and composure. After being shoved, jostled and eventually knocked down by a throng of shoppers, she suffered the greatest indignity of them all when her wig went flying right off her head. To make matters even worse, the entire incident was caught on camera and circulated to the local news.

2. Man Trampled to Death at Walmart

In 2008, a Walmart employee was fatally trampled in New York after crowds rushed into the store at 5am. The kicker is that the building wasn’t even open yet; the unruly crowd managed to break the front doors and stampede inside all at once. When other Walmart employees tried to help their fallen comrade, they were knocked over as well.

3. Fatal Shootout in Toys R Us

This is another story from 2008, though it takes places on the other side of the country in Palm Desert, California. According to reports, two women got into an argument and started punching each other in Toys R Us, and their male companions both reacted by pulling guns. The men proceeded to shoot each other to death while surrounded by teddy bears and basketballs.

4. Walmart Crowd Forms a Protest Mob

Walmart always attracts the crazy ones. In 2009, customers became so aggressive in one of its California stores that the police were called to kick everyone out. Not to be deterred, the customers surrounded the building and started pounding on the doors and windows, chanting “let us in, let us in” until workers finally relented and re-opened the store.

5. Marine Stabbed In the Back

A marine corporal in Georgia was just trying to help the needy when he volunteered at a local “Toys for Tots” donation drive. Unfortunately, one man took umbrage to his giving spirit and plunged a knife into his back after the marine caught him shoplifting. The marine survived, but this is definitely proof that nothing is sacred on Black Friday.

So there you have it. Black Friday is just as awful as advertised, so the next time you’re tempted by discounted toys and televisions, do yourself a favor and just stay home.


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