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Turn Signal Neglect Is A Leading Cause Of Motor Vehicle Accidents In The U.S.

Published at June 9, 2016 by administrator.

The increasing frequency of accidents resulting from distracted driving is well-known. What most people don’t realize is that studies show a different problem may actually be responsible for twice as many motor vehicle accidents: drivers not using their turn signals. According to research conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), drivers who fail to […]

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Ditch Your Texting and Driving Habit Today!

Published at January 8, 2015 by administrator.

Pay attention while driving it might save your life! Texting and driving at the same time is a crime that often goes unpunished. The passiveness of the driving and texting laws across the country is certainly an issue, as there have been thousands of accidental deaths due to people paying more attention to their phones than the road. […]

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Online Learning Drives the Information Home

Published at December 19, 2014 by administrator.

Teen drivers need all the help that they can get when it comes to operating a vehicle safely. The new experience can be quite exciting for drivers. However, they often get caught up in the thrill and can lose sight of the foundational skills necessary to drive safely when the right education is not in […]

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They Hit Me First: The Legal Process Behind Determining Who is in the Right

Published at December 12, 2014 by administrator.

Car accidents give rise to the issue of who legally is at fault, which can lead to arguments over who is legally responsible for the damages and injuries sustained as a result of the car accident. There are a number of factors that come into consideration when considering fault liability following a car accident. Duty […]

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Shopping Can Be Dangerous – Craziest Black Friday Accidents

Published at October 7, 2014 by administrator.

Black Friday has long been touted in the media as one of the most dangerous shopping days of the year. When you look at some of the horror stories, however, you’ll realize that they aren’t exaggerating the hazards at all. 1. Pregnant Woman Loses Wig A pregnant woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan learned the hard […]

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Most Deadly Cyclist Regions in the Country

Published at August 29, 2014 by administrator.

Every year, just under 800 Americans lose their lives in bicycle accidents across the country, with thousands more being injured in collisions with vehicles. These injurious crashes tend to concentrate in certain cities and the areas within, making them a hazardous choice for cyclists and a vital area of awareness for motorists. In this article, […]

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Why NYC is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Paradise

Published at August 27, 2014 by administrator.

New York City is a heavily populated metropolitan area with crowded streets and sidewalks. The city is alive with energy. It is also a city with many physical obstacles, especially in cold winter months when it is blanketed with ice, snow and slush. While this is a nightmare for pedestrians maneuvering the streets and sidewalks, […]

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Strangest Vaccine Related Injuries and Deaths

Published at August 25, 2014 by administrator.

Parents are increasingly expressing concerns about the vaccinations that children begin receiving from infancy. Many believe that the ingredients in vaccines cause a variety of dangerous maladies that sometimes have tragic consequences. The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute was founded in 1996 in an effort to provide families with information about vaccines. Parents also share their […]

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Tips For Recovering From the Trauma of a Major Accident

Published at August 22, 2014 by administrator.

Being in a major accident of any kind can be a life-altering event. The individual may have physical injuries that require a long period of healing and therapy. Emotional issues from the trauma can also occur that require professional counseling and treatment. Here are a few tips that can help you to understand some of […]

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What’s the Deal With Red Light Cameras? Are Those Tickets Legal?

Published at August 18, 2014 by administrator.

How to Fight a Red Light Camera Have you ever received a ticket in the mail through photo enforcement for running a red light? Did you know there are ways to fight these tickets? The next time you receive one of these tickets, be sure to check “not guilty”, and supply one of the following […]

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