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Florida Turnpike By The Numbers

Published at June 13, 2014 by administrator.

The Florida Turnpike system operates from various locations throughout the state. Drivers can purchase a SunPass that they use to quickly get through the tolls at a low cost. Florida has over 460 miles of toll highways that are maintained with state taxpayer dollars. Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise estimates that a total of 1.8 million drivers use the toll system every year.

The Locations of Florida’s Turnpikes


Some of the popular toll locations include the system from Miami to Central Florida and the Beachline Expressway. The Beachline Expressway is also referred to as State road 528, The Bee Line or the Martin Andersen Bee Line Expressway. The Beachline connects Interstate 4 and Interstate 95. Drivers typically take the Beachline Expressway if they are going to Orlando or one of the attractions found in the city, such as SeaWorld or Universal Studios.

The Seminole Expressway

The Seminole Expressway is another highway located near Orlando. This highway is also referred to as State Road 417. This is one of the smaller highways in Florida and only extends about 17 miles long.

Florida’s Turnpike Revenue

In Florida, there are over 3,650,000 active SunPass accounts. Individuals can add funds to their SunPass accounts as they require. In 2011, the Florida Turnpike System yielded a revenue of $178,481,327. SunPass revenue for 2011 amounted to over $421,597,000.

Issues with Florida Turnpikes


Numerous accidents arise due to the turnpikes in Florida every year. Individuals who are unfamiliar with the Florida Turnpike system may suddenly become panicked while they are driving on the highways. Auto, truck and motorcycle accidents are common on the Florida Turnpike system. When an individual is involved in an auto accident on the Turnpike system, it is important that he or she reports the accident as soon as possible to Florida authorities. An individual should also report a Turnpike accident to his or her insurance company as soon as possible. Most insurance companies have a limited period of time in which an individual may file a report in order to claim compensation.

The Popularity of the Florida Turnpike System


Those who plan on traveling on the Florida Turnpike system should familiarize themselves with the system before using it. It is important to understand the fees charged at each toll. Individuals may incur additional fees if they do not have a SunPass or other prepaid account. In addition, drivers may be at risk of getting into an accident if they are not familiar with the layout of the Turnpike system.

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