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Dismantling the “Ambulance Chaser” Stereotype

Published at December 16, 2014 by administrator.

It’s no secret that lawyers have a bad reputation.

Just run a quick Google search on lawyer jokes, and you’ll soon be surfing pages of one-liners with stereotyping, derogatory punchlines.

Lawyers are portrayed as greedy, selfish and uncaring. It’s common to hear lawyers referred to as being shark-like, preying on clients who are injured and vulnerable.

The truth is, people need legal representation to gain fair compensation after suffering an injury or injustice. Lawyers may very well be aggressive in these cases, but the bad guys certainly aren’t about to offer any help to their victims.

Although assertive and proactive legal representatives are sometimes portrayed as predatory, this is just not true.

If victims attempt to navigate the legal system themselves, they run a very real risk of being taken advantage of by their opponents. Even worse, if these potential clients never seek legal advice, they may miss out on compensation they rightfully deserve.

What do you need to know to do your part in helping to dismantle this “ambulance chaser” cliche?

The most important thing to keep in mind is to maintain clear communication and transparency regarding your client’s case. Maintain the utmost level of professionalism within your firm, and communicate with compassion. Your clients have been victimized, and are now taking the appropriate steps to stand up for their rights.

Act with integrity, and do not actively solicit cases. If you are contacted by a potential client, or a genuine case is brought to your attention, feel free to act with the heart of an advocate. It is illegal to contact a client directly offering legal aid. To dispel the image of an ambulance chaser, let your clients come to you.

Finally, don’t instill false hopes within your clients. As mentioned before, many people view lawyers as greedy and uncouth. Be honest about what your client will be legally entitled to, as well a realistic outcome to the case. Do not mislead your clients with claims of compensation far beyond what is likely to be awarded.

Giving your clients a pragmatic overview of the case educates them, and allows them decide as to whether or not they wish to proceed with legal action.

Maintain consummately professional behavior and courteous interactions with your clients. Treat people with respect, and in turn you will be esteemed as a caring and compassionate legal professional.

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