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How Many Child Support Payments Can Be Missed in Florida?

Published at May 26, 2021 by administrator.

Understanding the child support laws can help you avoid a lot of stress and aggravation. The first thing you should understand is how many child support payments can be missed in Florida. In the state of Florida, both parents are required to help support their children financially when possible. This includes allowing for the garnishment […]

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How to Find a Wrongful Death Attorney in Florida

Published at April 19, 2021 by administrator.

While the grief of losing someone you love cannot be taken away by a wrongful death attorney, they can strengthen your case and get justice for your loved one. During this terrible time, family and loved ones are overwhelmed, and looking for an attorney to help with the legal case can be difficult. It doesn’t […]

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Top 4 Things That Judges Look for in Child Custody Cases

Published at March 31, 2021 by administrator.

Anyone dealing with the stress of child custody cases knows how overwhelming they can be. Often, each parent sees this time as a fighting period, and the pressure can be difficult on both parties involved and the children. Physical custody, child support, and visitation issues can compound the stress. If you are going through a […]

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How to Get a Domestic Violence Restraining Order in Florida

Published at March 1, 2021 by administrator.

Staying safe is a fundamental right that we all have. When domestic situations deteriorate into unsafe conditions, you need to take control. In Florida, you can file various types of petitions to help maintain your safety, depending on your specific situation. Domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and cyber threats are all serious situations that […]

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5 Tips for Finding a Good Family Law Attorney

Published at February 2, 2021 by administrator.

Family problems can vary significantly from a name change to more complex and vital issues. Hiring a family law attorney can be very overwhelming if you’ve never had to work with one in the past, but it doesn’t have to be. These five tips are essential to helping you find a suitable family law attorney […]

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How to Find a Bike Accident Attorney

Published at December 23, 2020 by administrator.

After any type of accident, it’s imperative to seek legal help to understand the proper procedures and protect your interests. A motorbike accident attorney is essential, considering all the mental and physical issues that may arise after the accident. The Department of transportation reports 71% of people are wearing helmets when they ride nowadays, which […]

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Negligence Death in Florida: How to Take Legal Action

Published at November 25, 2020 by administrator.

There are a lot of ways that someone you love could die. Medical conditions, motor vehicle crashes, falls, and murder is death types in the United States. When an accidental death results from a person or company being specifically negligent, then legal charges and financial repercussions are possible. Negligence death in Florida is handled very […]

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Can You Get a Legal Separation in Florida?

Published at October 26, 2020 by administrator.

Considering a legal separation in Florida is a major life change. It can be extremely overwhelming to figure out the legal options available and how they will benefit you in a separation or divorce. Every state has different rules and it is important to know what your state offers and what benefits a separation can […]

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Florida Injury Attorney: What Types of Injuries Do They Handle?

Published at September 23, 2020 by administrator.

The cost of a personal injury is more than the physical injuries you acquire. According to the CDC, nonfatal injuries accounted for over $456 billion dollars a year of medical and work loss costs. A Florida injury attorney can help evaluate your case and get the money you deserve for your injury. Fighting on your […]

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Motorcycle Accident in Florida: How to Get Legal Help

Published at August 25, 2020 by administrator.

No one wants to think about motorcycle accidents. This fun leisure activity is growing throughout the country with people from all walks of life enjoying motorcycle ownership safely. Unfortunately, experiencing a motorcycle accident in Florida is not unusual. Motorcycle riding has been experiencing a dramatic change in demographics over the last several years. More and […]

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